These guys …

… have done me proud once again. They came home from school today with their end-of-year reports. Straight A’s for them both, and lots of really positive comments. I thought I’d try and sum up the year, focusing on each of them separately. ~~~ TYLER Tyler has really grown and thrived this year, and now […]

See ya!

Well, we’re off here tomorrow: I’m obviously not one of those “serious” bloggers, as I don’t have posts written ahead of time and scheduled for publication while I’m away. You will just have to wait until I return … in 9 days’ time. Summer vacation, here I come!

Memory Lane

Sometimes, I enjoy reading my blog archives. I realise that might sound a little narcisstic, but I don’t read them because I like hearing myself talk. No, I read them because I LOVE remembering all the cute & funny things my kids used to (and still) do. I LOVE seeing old photos and marvelling at […]

I’m going to Canada!

A couple of you already know this, but most of you don’t.I’m going to Toronto in August for a work conference. I’ll be attending the International AIDS Conference from 13-18 August but first I am having a few days of annual leave and I’ll be staying with Jenn! I’m starting to get excited now, since […]

My baby is 4!

I really wanted to post this on Ethan’s birthday, but didn’t get time. So please pretend you are reading this on May 27th, 2006. Happy Birthday Ethan! I can’t believe you are 4 years old today. The time since you were born has flown by so quickly and you have grown up really fast. I’m […]

Ethan & Mummy are sick

Well actually, Ethan is better now but Mummy is still feeling like crap.Just colds, but nasty ones. He’s been coughing like a chimney sweep with asthma, but we *may* have finally found a cough medicine that works! Woohoo!Anyway, we both stayed home yesterday – him from preschool & kindy, and me from work. He watched […]

My boy is really growing up!

Ethan has just left with my sister-in-law Sarah on his first solo playdate … as in I am not there with him. Granted, it is a playdate with his cousin, but it is still a big deal for him. He’s quite a shy child at times.Sarah emailed me the other day and asked if Ethan […]