Giving it a Try!

Tyler has just had a pretty busy weekend — his first soccer game of the season, a hip hop class and his first ever Weet-Bix Tryathlon. Tyler is really into his cycling these days, riding his bike to and from school every day, and going on extra bike rides at the weekend with Rob. He […]


I have a dilemma, of sorts. Tyler, who has lived and breathed soccer for the past 5 years, wants to change codes. To rugby league (hold me (I am a rugby union girl)). He says, “but it’s just for one year … I’m never going to stop playing soccer … I LOVE soccer!!” So here’s […]

Effort pays off

Tyler finishes school tomorrow, but he received his end-of-year report last Friday. Straight A’s, above National Standards in writing and reading, at National Standards for maths, and best of all, the following comments from his lovely teacher: “Tyler is a cheerful, reliable and polite student. He has developed good time management skills and has made […]


It’s that time of year again … the time when we can sleep in on a Saturday! :-) The winter soccer season is now over, and the boys will soon be starting their summer sports: tag rugby (Friday afternoons) and summer soccer (Monday afternoons). Ethan still has water polo 3 times/week which includes games on […]


Over the weekend, Ethan had the privilege of representing his school at a 3-day water polo tournament, the Year 7/8 Water Polo Winterfest. The competition is between schools from all over Auckland, as well as further afield. Ethan’s team consisted of the Year 7/8 A team from his school and one boy from the B […]

Bits & bobs

* In my last post, I wrote about how badly we needed rain. Well, we got some! It rained the very next day. Yes, on the day of Tyler’s school gala. I stood in the rain for 2 hours supervising the bouncy castle … and I loved every minute of it! Nobody was complaining because […]

Most Improved

Ethan & Tyler both play tag rugby during the summer, and the season finished last week. It’s been a great season, with Tyler’s team coming 3rd overall. The prizegiving was on Friday night. I’m the manager for Ethan’s team, so I knew who was receiving the “Player of the Year” and “Most Improved” awards for […]