Family time

We’re a tight family. Me, Rob, the 2 boys. We love hanging out together. Granted, the 3 boys do a lot of stuff without me, but I don’t mind too much. They do their “Man vs Wild” trips (NO GIRLS ALLOWED), they go mountain biking and skating and they jump off stuff into the water. […]

Personal hygiene

I’ve noticed that Ethan has been retaining a LOT more information these days. He often comes home from school reeling off endless facts about pre-European Maori culture and plant sexual reproductive organs and how to compose songs and a million other things. He likes to quiz Rob & I on stuff that we learned 20 […]

Feijoa & Coconut Cake

Yes, it’s ANOTHER feijoa recipe. Sorry to all you feijoa haters, and to those who love them but cannot get their hands on them. But for those of you with overflowing feijoa trees, I hope you enjoy this recipe! It is a winner with my 3 boys, and was a winner at my bible study […]

Letting go …

I’m feeling a little confused and conflicted right now. My firstborn – my first baby – is almost 12. I mean, he’s practically a teenager. He’s in his last year of intermediate, and the time is going SO FAST. In some ways, I still see him as a child. Somebody who is dependent on me […]


I recently bought myself an iPad mini. I don’t have a smartphone, so when I got my iPad I realised I could finally join many of my friends in the wonderful world of Instagram. Using Instagram on my iPad is not quite as ‘instant’ as it would be if I were using it on my […]

Giving it a Try!

Tyler has just had a pretty busy weekend — his first soccer game of the season, a hip hop class and his first ever Weet-Bix Tryathlon. Tyler is really into his cycling these days, riding his bike to and from school every day, and going on extra bike rides at the weekend with Rob. He […]

A technicolour birthday

On Monday, I celebrated my 36th birthday. Actually, the celebrations started earlier than that, and they lasted for 3 days! And the celebrations are not over yet, because the family and I are going to a restaurant this coming Saturday for a birthday dinner. I love birthdays that last for ages! Last year, I heard […]


It’s Autumn here in NZ, and that means a few things. Shorter days, cooler evenings, leaves changing colour, boots & jeans (although it’s FAR too warm for that here, we are all still (swimming at the beach, and) wearing jandals & shorts), apples, scented candles, bulb planting, slippers, hot chocolates … and feijoas!  My 3 boys adore feijoas. I don’t […]

Right here, right now

Watching :: There are only a few TV shows I watch religiously. As in, I cannot miss an episode. Right now, those ones are Masterchef NZ, Survivor and The Blacklist. If I have time or feel like it, I’ll also watch stuff like The Middle, The Big Bang Theory, The Graham Norton Show, Jono and […]

I’m loving it

These guys are my whole world. I LOVE spending time with them. At almost 12 and 9 1/2, they are a lot of fun to hang out with. Last week, just a day or two before Cyclone Lusi was due to hit, we decided to have an impromptu picnic dinner at the beach. The weather […]