Crunchy Noodle Salad

You guys. I didn’t know that in some places (America, and probably others) people made salads and other stuff with instant (2-minute)(Ramen) noodles. As in, they can be used in other ways besides the packet instructions. WHO KNEW? I thought they were just for poor Uni students, hungry teenagers, young guys who have gone flatting […]

First and last

Is it just me, or did the summer school holidays in NZ go really, really quickly?! It feels like those 6+ weeks really flew by (and my boys agree). This coming school year can be described as a “first” (for Ethan) and a “last” (for Tyler). Ethan’s first year of high school (Year 9) and […]

A new year

Welcome to Twenty Fifteen (19 days ago, I know, but better late than never). 2015. That’s a bit freaky. This year – FINALLY! – is the “Back to the Future” year, where we will have hoverboards and flying cars and clothes that automatically adjust to fit. Can’t wait. Haha! :-P I’m excited about the start […]

Christmas 2014

Oh dear, I can’t believe it’s January 5th and I’m only just writing a Christmas post! This little blog of mine isn’t getting much love of late, and I’m afraid it will be a case of “more of the same” this year. I just don’t seem to have a) time b) motivation or c) reason […]

Reporting back

Well, it’s time for the annual blog post where I gush about how proud I am of my boys, what they have achieved during the year and their awesome end of year reports. Sorry(notsorry) if you’re uninterested, but this is where I document that stuff in case our house burns down and I lose the […]

It’s December!

I know, it was December more than a week ago. I’m a bit slow this year. We always (ALWAYS) put the tree up on December 1st, every year. But this year, it just couldn’t be done because we DID NOT HAVE TIME. I think it’s got less to do with how busy we are — […]

Here & Now

Watching :: Nothing right now. I hardly watch any TV these days, apart from the unmissable Downton Abbey every Thursday night. I wish I had time to watch other shows that are on at the moment (Survivor, The Amazing Race, Masterchef Australia), but I guess I’m too busy. Not that watching less TV is a […]

Beef Enchiladas

Everyone in our house LOVES Mexican food, and I often make fajitas, burritos, nachos, chilli con carne, chicken enchiladas or quesadillas. Last night I had beef mince, and decided to make ground beef enchiladas using my own recipe (based on what I had in my fridge/pantry). It turned out to be awesome, and I will […]

Fiji Love

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in a month! For some of that time we were away on holiday, and since we came back (nearly 2 weeks ago) I’ve been trying to find time to upload all the photos of said holiday! We each had a camera/device so there are literally HUNDREDS of photos of […]


I made my own mayonnaise today for the first time. I’ve never bothered before because I don’t have a food processor and I knew that you had to add the oil V E R Y slowly, yada yada yada … BUT. You can make perfect mayo using a hand (stick) blender. In about 2 minutes, […]