Kids Can Cook!

A few weeks ago we started a new Thing at home. Ethan and Tyler are now in charge of cooking dinner once a week. Tyler cooks every Monday and Ethan cooks every Thursday. At the moment they still need a bit of help/advice from us, but we basically let them do everything by themselves. All […]

Cross Country

Tyler had his cross country last week – his last one at primary school, ever! Last year he came 6th, which was his best result. His goal for this year was to beat last year’s placing, and he did it! He came 5th! Unfortunately it’s only the top 4 who go through to interschools, but […]

Salted Chocolate and Caramel Brownie Tart

So the guy in the middle turned 42 on the weekend: “What’s with the beard?” you may be asking. Yeah, I’m not really sure. He knows I HATE it, but he continues to grow it. I have been promised that it will definitely be gone before summer (i.e. 1st December) so I’ve resigned myself to […]

Game Day!

I have to share these photos of the awesome “Game Day” my sister Leah organised for my boys during the school holidays. With one of them recovering from a serious injury (see last post), both of them getting over colds and the weather decidedly ‘iffy’ at this time of year, she needed to plan something […]

Pray first, pray more

Life has it’s ups and downs, doesn’t it? One moment you’re driving along in the sunshine, windows down, great music playing on the stereo. You’re singing along, looking forward to something-in-particular and feeling grateful to be alive. Nek minit, you’re dealing with a crappy situation, wondering how things changed so fast! Many times the ‘crappy […]

Pumpkin Lasagne

Time for a recipe share! We had friends over for dinner at the weekend. Two of them are vegetarian, so I made my very first vegetarian lasagne … it was a big hit, even with the meat-eaters! Even my oldest, who doesn’t really like pumpkin, really enjoyed it. I’ll be making this again for us! […]

The Parent Map

I recently read the May issue of “NEXT” magazine, which was a special “Motherhood” issue for Mother’s Day. There was a fabulous article in there called “The Parent Map”, where five experts shared their top parenting tips. Some of the advice was so great, I found myself nodding and hm-hming as I read. I even […]

We have a teenager in the house!

That’s right, my BABY is now thirteen. THIRTEEN! A teenager. I can’t even … Ethan’s birthday was over 2 weeks ago, and I’m only just getting around to downloading photos from my camera onto my computer. So we have had a teenager in our house for a couple of weeks now, and guess what? It’s […]

By Tyler …

“Ouch!” I muttered, as I carefully put my feet on the sharp rocks. It was a Sunday afternoon and the sun was lasering down on me and my family. We strolled towards the quiet lake; we went through the luscious, green grass fields, over gates, across bridges, under trees that skyed above us. Finally we […]


A fair bit on my mind today … sharing a few of those thoughts … Tyler is off school because he is sick, so I stayed home with him. I wanted to work from home, because he has (as I suspected he would) been sleeping and watching TV all day. But my company has a policy that […]