I can’t believe it. For the first time ever since I started blogging in 2005, I have gone a month without posting. June 2016 never existed according to this blog! I always swore this would NEVER happen, but alas, life took over last month and kind of threw me for a loop. I can’t really […]


Ethan turned 14 this week. He’s grown so much lately. At the start of the year, he was about 1/2 inch shorter than me. He would ask me every day or so, “Am I taller than you yet, Mum?” … sure enough, it wasn’t long before he caught up, and then kept on growing! We […]

17 years

Rob & I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary last weekend. Wow, 17 years! So many people were surprised it had been that long. I guess we did get married pretty young (I was 21, he was 25). I’m at the point where I can say I’ve been with Rob for more than half my life […]

Me & my other boy

Back when Ethan was 10, I planned a special weekend for the two of us. We stayed in a fancy hotel, ate out at restaurants, used the hotel pool, spa and sauna, watched rugby on the TV on our room and just had a wonderful time together. You can read about it here. Tyler is […]


I think that’s probably how many times I envisage posting on my blog from now on. Monthly. As in, once a month. It got down to twice a month over the past couple of years, and I feel like I have even less to write about now! Mostly because my kids are getting older, I […]

Time for an update

I’m sorry, peeps. I have been very absent of late (more so than usual!) as we’ve had a lot of stuff going on. Almost 2 weeks ago, my friend Mel passed away from stage 4 breast cancer. It was a very sad time, especially because I didn’t get to see her after she was moved to Hospice, as […]

Summer lovin’

I haven’t posted for a few weeks because I’ve been far too busy enjoying our Kiwi Summer! I had 3 weeks off work over Christmas/New Year (Rob and I both went back to work on January 11th) and that time has been filled to the brim with summertime fun. Just the way I like it. […]


So. It’s 2016. A new year, brimming with new possibilities, challenges and opportunities. I led worship at church this morning and shared this devotional based on one I read during the week. I thought it was the perfect way to look at the new year. Hopefully it encourages others too! ‘A Year of New Things’ […]

Christmas 2015

Finally getting around to posting about our Christmas Day celebrations with family. Things were a bit different this year. We had breakfast with my family and then lunch with Rob’s family. Normally we can’t do both families on the same day, but Rob’s older brother and his family hosted ALL the Whangarei tribe at their […]