Looking back …

Sometimes I look back on the ‘good old days’ of parenting, where the biggest things I had to worry about and deal with were tantrums and dummies and toilet training. Actually, those were pretty big things at the time, and I definitely didn’t think those days were easy back then!

In many respects, we are in a period of plain sailing right now. Our boys are fairly independent and can do pretty much everything for themselves. They feed themselves, make their own breakfasts/lunches, dress themselves, wash themselves, brush their own teeth, wipe their own butts, do their own homework, etc. Going out with them doesn’t involve packing an extra bag or 3, or taking special food, or having to be home for naps/bedtime. We get a full night’s sleep every night. I don’t have to carry a child around on my hip, or constantly watch to see what they are up to. Physically, it is much easier.

But emotionally, things are getting harder. I touched on this a few weeks ago. I’m out of my depth here, but I’m doing my best to stay afloat. Sometimes I find it helpful to look back on what I have already been through to help me on the rest of my journey. Not necessarily because I can learn new tricks, but just to remind myself that I made it through THAT, and I will also make it through the next phase. Things may be pretty sweet right now, but it was hard work back then (and it’s fairly safe to say that we have more hard work coming our way). So hopefully a little walk down memory lane will help me realise that I actually CAN do this parenting thing. Better late than never, right?

Let’s look back and see what we dealt with and coped with back in 2005-2008, shall we? I can’t go any further back than that because I didn’t start blogging until Tyler was almost 1. Wish I’d started sooner, but I wouldn’t have had a clue what a blog was.

(click on the numbers to see the original posts)


1. Like what happens if you feed your one-year-old a large bowl of boysenberry trifle.
2. Kids like eating sugar straight from the bowl.
3. Kids learn a lot from their parents too – and not always the good stuff!
4. Toddlers Rule.
5. There is beauty in simplicity.
6. Loose baby teeth can be kicked out by your brother.
7. Interviewing kids is a lot of fun. And interesting.


1. So. Much. Talking.
2. Attention seeking.
3. Being woken in the night to find toys that have fallen out of bed.
4. Our kids are quirky.
5. Kids with chicken pox. Fun times!


1. It was easier to get rid of a dummy than I thought it would be.
2. Toilet training is actually pretty easy if you wait until they are ready.
3. Shoplifting can start at a very young age.
4. Terrible Twos can start when a child is only ONE.
5. Time Out doesn’t always work.
6. Jeckel & Hyde. Need I say more?
7. My kids drove me nuts when it came to clothes.
8. Four-year-olds have a LOT of attitude.
9. To nap, or not to nap?


1. Like getting Tyler’s hair cut.
2. I was a very slow learner.
3. We allowed our children to watch “In the Night Garden”.
4. We let our kids eat hail for dinner. Nah, that wasn’t a mistake at all.


1. Like the day I scoured the entire shopping mall looking for a batman cape.
2. Like doctors appointments with a toddler and a preschooler.
3. Sick kids are hard work.
4. Stealing from a child is bad. Having to explain that to a child is worse.
5. Some nights sucked, too.
6. I felt so deeply for my child that it physically hurt inside.


1. First birthdays.
2. First day of Kindy.
3. Enrolling at school.
4. First day of school.
5. First lost tooth.
6. First huge road trip with both kids (9 hours each way (and we survived)).
7. First player of the day award.


1. Our kids said some funny things.
2. Really funny.
3. Hilarious, even.
4. These ones even got published.
5. Answering tricky questions without laughing isn’t easy.
6. Creative and clever as well as funny.
7. Do you know what an internal monologue is?
8. It’s important to pay attention when your kids ask questions.


1. There were heart melting moments.
2. Sometimes they even acted like they loved each other.
3. Four-year-olds can also be incredibly sweet.
4. Seriously, there was so much cuteness.
5. This kind of sweetness is hard to fathom.
6. There is nothing like a gift from your child.
7. Their words lifted me up when I needed it most.
8. I was (and am) so blessed to have two beautiful, healthy boys.

I can take a step back now and look at what we have been through. The battles we fought, the mistakes we made, the milestones and memories, the lessons we learned, the fun we had. And that is one reason that I am glad I have this blog. Several times I have considered packing it in, but then I would not be able to look back and remember all those details.

What a great ride it has been so far. And it can only get better!

2 thoughts on “Looking back …

  1. ohhhhhhh so many memories in those blog posts!!!
    my fav….
    *chicken pox!!!! the worst thing ever!!!
    *attitudes, teeth….my days with 4 year olds…..my world!!! lol
    *spending all day looking for a batman cape
    *first days!!! all of them
    *nothing like a gift from a child

    also from post below
    love the funnies….esp #2

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