Bits & bobs

* In my last post, I wrote about how badly we needed rain. Well, we got some! It rained the very next day. Yes, on the day of Tyler’s school gala. I stood in the rain for 2 hours supervising the bouncy castle … and I loved every minute of it! Nobody was complaining because everyone knew how desperately the rain was needed. We also got more rain the following day, but it seems to have dried up again now. We still need more, so hopefully it’s on the way.

* Yesterday I received an email containing a sentence I never thought I would read in my lifetime: “Rob Blair wants to be friends on Facebook”. After I picked myself up off the floor, I clicked a box to accept my husband’s friend request, and then looked outside to see if I could see any pigs flying past the window …

* I had to go to the doctor today and have some blood tests done. Hopefully I’ll know more in a couple of days, and get some answers that I’ve been wanting for the past few months. In the meantime, I’m doing that fun ‘waiting’ thing. Pity I’m not a more patient person!

* Soccer season starts in a few weeks, and the boys’ teams have been announced. It’s going to be a real juggling act this year, as Tyler enters grade 9 and starts playing away games. Ethan’s home games won’t even be at the same pitch as Tyler’s home games, and they are likely to be at similar times. Rob & I are gearing up for a few months of hardly seeing each other on Saturdays. We’ll have to take turns, and the boys won’t get to watch each other play like they used to. I think that will be the hardest part, as they loved watching each others’ games.

* March is my birthday month, but sadly I haven’t been consciously doing any special things for myself like I did last year. Still, I’m looking forward to having my birthday on Easter Sunday this year, and getting a 4-day weekend as one of my presents. Hehe!

* Tyler’s class is going to Goat Island on Thursday, and Rob is a parent helper. He’s a bit disappointed that they won’t actually be swimming or snorkelling, just walking around the rocks and going for a ride on the glass-bottom boat. They are studying sea creatures at the moment. Tyler has chosen to do his individual project on the porcupine fish. Did you know it only takes them 1 minute to fill their bodies up with water, in order to scare away predators?

* Just over 4 weeks until Mandy & I will be winging our way to Rarotonga for 5 days of relaxation. Snorkelling, swimming, cocktails by the pool. Oh, how I am looking forward to reading a few novels and just soaking up the sun. No work, no demands, no responsibilities. Just complete freedom. I must admit that I am starting to get a little excited now!

* Ethan has been at college for almost 2 months now. During that time, he has (gone up a shoe size and grown about 2cm, and) thrived. He loves all his teachers, and has been so incredibly focused on his learning. His favourite subjects are science, P.E. and food technology. We had our first parent/teacher interview last week, and he’s doing really, really well. Such a great start to his college experience. Yay.

* Our Golden Delicious tree has been producing heaps of yummy apples, and I can see that our feijoa, olive, lemon, grapefruit, orange and mandarin trees are all loaded with fruit. Good to see that the lack of rain hasn’t stopped their production. There’s nothing better than eating (or preserving, or cooking with) home-grown produce. My dream is to have my own vegetable garden as well. One day.

* To be honest, this past week has been a little rough for our family. Rob, Ethan & Tyler all had colds, and Rob was particularly unwell. We also had a bunch of other crappy stuff happen that threw us for a loop. Life is messy sometimes, and it certainly was here. I am trying to deal with some personal stuff, and on top of everything else I had a really busy week, with something on every afternoon/evening as well as all day Saturday. So this little thought was quite encouraging …

When something bad happens you have three choices:
1) Let it define you
2) Let it destroy you
3) Let it strengthen you.

7 thoughts on “Bits & bobs

  1. is it wrong…..or mad that when i read this i jumped UP and down on the spot clapping
    i am so…so so….blimmin excited……4.5 weeks baby!!!!!!
    and yes…reading books…ahhhhhhh

    as for rob being on FB…really!!! love it!!

    and yes ahhhhhhhhhhh the rain……is quite lovely!!!

    all the best with the health stuff too… for you…and may the boys all get better soon…heaps of colds going around!! not nice!!!

  2. Sorry to hear that your family haven’t been well, and there’s been some up’s and downs. Great that you have Rarotonga with a fab friend to look forward to. Looking forward to seeing all the fantastic photos of that trip!

  3. had a wee giggle about the friend request from your hubby. Mike is yet to come over to the dark side (he jokingly refers to f/b as that) and has resisted. Nice to look forward to a long weekend for your birthday🙂 my birthday month went haywire with a week in hosp. It meant I had to cancel a few fun things I had lined up. Oh well onwards and upwards, it wasn’t the end of the world. Hope the results come back soon and you get the answers you need. Waiting is so hard. Glad there have been more ups and downs. but your right life sure gets messy at times.

  4. let it rain, let it rain, let it rain … not long to go now until you hit the beaches of Raro and then, just quietly, I’m thinking that you will be wanting any rain to disappear.

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