Let it rain

I can’t believe I just typed those words. I normally hate the rain, but we desperately need it now.

Today, the whole North Island of New Zealand was officially declared a drought zone. They are calling it the most severe drought in 70 years, and it is predicted to cost our economy $1 billion.

Our little country normally looks like this:


But right now, it looks like this:


You know it’s bad when the satellites can see how brown the grass is!

My home city has had its driest summer in 50 years.


We live near the top of the North Island. Where it’s really red.

It usually rains quite a lot where we live. Well, our weather is often described as “changeable”. Four seasons in one day. People in Auckland say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes”. This is highly accurate. But we normally get a decent amount of rain in summer. For example, our monthly average rainfall during January, February and March is around 70-90mm, which is about a weeks’ worth of rain each month. This year, we’ve only had a few mm of rain, total.

Our house is on tank water, which means we run out of water when it doesn’t rain! Thankfully, we also share an underground bore with our neighbours, so we can top up the tank from there. But for many people, the lack of rain has meant they have had to buy water several times this summer (which isn’t cheap).

People living our nation’s capital city have been told they only have about 18 days’ of water left.

Yes, this hot, dry, sunny weather has been GREAT for going to the beach and enjoying what seems to be an endless summer. Especially when you love summer as much as me. But we really do need some rain now.

So please God, let it rain. But could you just wait until after Tyler’s school Gala tomorrow? Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Let it rain

  1. Yep, please let the rains come….we’ve just been told, two more weeks with no rain and we’ll be declared a drought affected area as well. Cows are munching through their winter hay as we’ve not much in the way of grass.

  2. scary isnt it….we no longer have water play at kgtn….and are recycling as much as we can!!! scary times!!! i hope it rains this weekend!!! we so need it

  3. well did it hold off until the gala? We had none yesterday and today it was struggling this morning. But its here and wet! Yum at that recipe below, you know how I like Fejoias and anything with ginger. Mind you I am rapt that I can get my fix of passion fruit, it’s been a while, since I have had a real one. I think I may have to buy a wee lot and freeze them, cos the season doesn’t seem to stick around long these days. Congrats to Tyler and his award. Shame about the cost to fix someone else error, but the smile on his face would have been worth it.

  4. Wow. That’s crazy. I’m glad to hear it did rain, and that it was fun for you even though it happened during the gala. Hope there is more rain to come for you guys.

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