Choose love


If you had to choose, would you rather FEEL loved or BE loved?

Let me explain.

Option 1. FEEL loved.
Somebody only pretends to love you. End result: you feel loved (but you really aren’t).

Option 2. BE loved.
Somebody loves you but never tells you. End result: you are loved (but you don’t feel it).

Rob and I talked about this last night. I raised the question, and said I would choose option 2. Before he even answered, I knew he would choose option 1. I was right.

I thought it was so interesting that we would choose the opposite to each other. On the other hand, it wasn’t really a surprise. We are opposites in many ways.

I think the reason I would choose option 2 stems from my need to be liked by people (I have posted about this before). And the reason I wouldn’t choose option 1 is probably because I worry about what people think of me. As much as it hurts, I would rather know the truth. So even though I want people to like me, I would rather know if they didn’t!

Like I said to Rob, it can be really hard living in my head sometimes.😉

Of course, everybody wants to be loved AND feel loved. But if you couldn’t have both, which would you choose?

7 thoughts on “Choose love

  1. Tricky one. But this year I am trying to be more authentic with people and ask for the same in return. I would choose 2. Have had one and I think in the long run that hurt more when I found out the actual truth. I think maybe as I get older that I realise I don’t have to be told every five minutes to know it as I can feel it. In saying that I also tell family members that I love them. The reason? not to be a suck up, but because life is short and I want the last thing I ever said to them to be that. If that makes sense.

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