I’m lovin’ it

Valentines Day is often associated with commercialism and hype, but I still enjoy taking the time to celebrate the people I love.

Like this guy (minus the beard, FINALLY) …

IMG_8019 (1600x1067)

And these guys …

IMG_7223 (1600x1067)

I snuck these little treats into the boys’ lunchboxes yesterday:

IMG_8026 (1600x1067)

This is something I started doing a few years ago, although I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to get away with it. Tyler did say he was “a bit” embarrassed at having a pink heart-shaped note in his lunch, but “don’t worry, I hid it quickly so nobody else saw it”. Ethan didn’t seem to mind at all. That surprised me, since he is at college and is the one more likely to be concerned about what other people might think. Mind you, he told me that a bunch of crazy Year 13’s were running around the school in red tights hugging people, and he got hugged in front of all his mates by a 17-year-old girl he’d never met, so I’d say the heart-shaped chocolates in his lunch were far less embarrassing.

Ethan greeted me yesterday morning with a handmade card. It had a cut-out picture of an expensive camera, with this note: “I know I can’t buy you this, but I know I can give you love.


When I walked into my office, I found a card & present from Rob sitting on my chair. New perfume.

Then I opened my email and found a message Ethan had sent from his school email address: “Hello, I come in peace. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! You’re the best mum ever, you care for me more than I imagined when I was in your tummy. You helped me come a long way. I love you more than the stars love space.”

Heart. Officially. Melted.

Last night, Rob cooked a beautiful Valentines Day dinner for the two of us. The boys had already eaten pizza, but only one of them had gone to bed. The eldest was still wandering around the house, looking like he could easily eat another dinner. Eventually we told him to go to bed and read, which he dutifully did. I can see that we probably won’t be able to do (quiet) romantic dinners (alone) at home any longer … unless we are prepared to wait until 9pm to eat!😉

Dinner was amazing. A berry/vodka cocktail to start, followed by roast lamb and veggies with a glass of Merlot. Dessert was strawberry gateau with berry sorbet and raspberries. YUM.

Blair Family (1600x1000) (2)

Basically, I love Valentines Day because I think love is grand. Not just romantic love between a guy & girl, but love between a parent & child, between siblings, between best friends. And even better than all that, the love that my Heavenly Father has for me. I saw this posted on Facebook yesterday and thought it was awesome. Sums it all up nicely, I reckon.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

8 thoughts on “I’m lovin’ it

  1. We don’t normally “do” Valentines day but I did get a surprise present. No luck on a flash dinner like that though. LOL. Love the email – thats a keeper🙂

  2. I love the John 3:16 picture, I hadn’t seen that before. I take it what Americans call high school (grades 9-12 generally) is college in New Zealand. If you go on to more schooling after you’re done with college, then what is it called?

  3. I agree, it’s about love, in all forms! We celebrated similiarly and it was wonderful I am drooling over that lamb! YUM. And Rob looks good with a beard but I bet you are glad it’s gonzo😉 so scratchy!

  4. love the quote, look of that dinner!!! and cute on the email and notes!!!
    and HAHAHA about the hungry teen being on your date!!! !HA

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