New beginnings

It’s that time of year again … back to school!

This year brings new changes for both of my boys. Ethan started intermediate at the local high school, and Tyler no longer has his big brother at the same school. Both of them have taken these changes in their stride.

Ethan 10-11yr10 (1600x1000) (2)

Ethan started last Wednesday. He actually ASKED me to take photos of him in his uniform, which shocked me. Usually I have to bribe him to let me take his photo. You can tell from his expression in these photos that he is not being forced into anything. He’s genuinely happy and excited, looking forward to his first day.
And his first day was fantastic. He wanted me to come with him in the morning (again, a surprise), so I attended the powhiri at the newcomers assembly, visited his classroom and met his teacher. I texted him at lunchtime on his new phone (read: Rob’s old Nokia with a $5 SIM card and $20 prepay credit) and got this reply: “i love you heaps!“. Aww. He walked home by himself in just under 20 minutes (it’s about a 2km walk). Since then, he’s been walking to/from school with various friends who live in the same street. He comes home every day with a huge smile on his face. He loves his teacher (Mr Baty, the first male teacher he has had) and has several good friends in his class. My Dad works as a teacher aide at the school, and Ethan really likes having a chat with his Grandad at morning tea and lunchtime.

Tyler 8-9yr1 (1600x1000)

Tyler started school on Monday. He’s in Year 4 this year, and has a wonderful teacher (Mrs Wenman) who is sporty and arty, just like him. He also has one of his best friends in his class again, after not being together last year. He’s excited about going on camp later his year, and is enjoying being allowed to play ‘tackle rugby’ with the ‘older kids’ on the ‘big field’. So cute. I’m sure he misses having his brother at school, but it will be great for him to gain more and more independence. One bonus is that he and I get to walk home together each day and spend some time chatting about his day and how he is feeling. Eventually I will let him walk home by himself (it’s only 500m), but for now I am enjoying the quality one-on-one time with him.

I am hoping that 2013 will be an awesome year for both my boys. I always find the start of the year quite challenging, as I don’t particularly like change (and it’s not even me going through the changes). But this year it has felt really different. They were just so ready for the next level, and so excited about the future. Long may it continue!

7 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. Sounds like positive new beginnings for you all:) Mitchell loves being able to walk to and from school by himself. I love that I no longer have to cut short my day to pick him up:)

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