11 years ago …

… we began our tradition of holidaying at Hahei with my parents and sister in late January. We always stay in the same house, for 7-9 nights, and it is the highlight of our year.

Hahei is one of my favourite places EVER. I love driving into town and seeing all the familiar sights that remind me of summer holidays. It’s impossible not to enter into holiday mode immediately. For me, this was a welcome feeling as I had not had any time off over Christmas/New Year.

We had the best weather we have ever had — not a single drop of rain in 7 days. We never did any of our ‘cloudy/rainy day activities’ because every single day was beautiful! Our days consisted of relaxing, reading, swimming, kayaking, hiking, playing sport, walking, snorkelling, eating, drinking, watching TV, swinging, playing card games and sleeping.

I also found time to catch up with 3 of my lovely friends who were also staying in the area: Michelle, Megan and Nic (we discovered that Nic’s rental house was just 2 doors down from ours – small world).

Here are a few photos of what we got up to on our wonderful, relaxing holiday. I can’t wait to go back!

IMG_6954 (1600x1067)

The water was FREEZING for the first 3 days we were there. Thankfully it warmed up, because it was honestly the coldest I have ever experienced!! Like ice!

IMG_6978 (1067x1600)

IMG_6983 (1067x1600)

IMG_6998 (1600x1067)

IMG_7002 (1600x1067)

IMG_7003 (1067x1600)

We walked around the rocks one morning, which was fun. I got to try out my new aqua shoes and Leah & I struggled to keep up with the 3 boys – especially Tyler, who is a born climber with NO fear!

IMG_7026 (1067x1600)

IMG_7041 (1600x1067)

IMG_7043 (1067x1600)

IMG_7053 (1067x1600)

IMG_7064 (1067x1600)

IMG_7066 (1067x1600)

We had fish & chips at the park one night, followed by a family game of cricket. We discovered that Ethan is an incredibly accurate thrower and is very good at catching and batting, too. I think he will be wanting to add yet another sport to his already long list!

IMG_7089 (1067x1600)

IMG_7092 (1067x1600)

Rob and the boys went exploring and discovered yet another rope swing – this one has awesome views over Hahei beach.

IMG_7134 (1067x1600)

IMG_7140 (1067x1600)

IMG_7141 (1067x1600)

The boys tried our their new snorkels, masks and flippers at Purangi. Rob also collected some green-lipped mussels for a pre-dinner snack just a few metres from where we were swimming. Yum!

IMG_7144 (1067x1600)

IMG_7166 (1600x1067)

IMG_7179 (1067x1600)

IMG_7176 (1600x1067)

IMG_7177 (1600x1067)

Coffee & milkshakes at Luna Cafe with Michelle and her lovely family.

IMG_7187 (1600x1067)

IMG_7190 (1067x1600)

IMG_7195 (1600x1067)

IMG_7197 (1067x1600)

IMG_7204 (1067x1600)

IMG_7217 (1067x1600)

IMG_7235 (1067x1600)

IMG_7237 (1600x1067)

We walked to Cathedral Cove again – this time from Hahei beach, instead of from the carpark. An extra 20 minutes, but SO worth it. Won’t be doing the carpark thing ever again, especially now you have to pay for a shuttle from the park & ride!

IMG_7239 (1067x1600)

IMG_7250 (1600x1067)

IMG_7248 (1600x1067)

IMG_7249 (1600x1067)

IMG_7251 (1600x1067)

The boys convinced Rob to play tennis for an hour in the blazing hot sun, while I got burnt and admired how well my nail polish matched the turf.😉

IMG_7211 (1067x1600)

IMG_7224 (1600x1067)

I’ll write another post soon about Parachute, the Christian music festival we went to after our week in Hahei. Funny how it all seems like so long ago, especially now that one of my boys is back at school (more on that in another post). Holidays are wonderful, but they seem to go by so quickly!

8 thoughts on “11 years ago …

  1. Lol I can’t believe you included my no 39 photo! I unfortunately want that camera lens now! Wasn’t it just an awesome holiday…. Love your photos and catching up too… Haven’t even begun to start editing mine yet!

  2. Every year, your posts on this location make me want to come to NZ. It’s gotta happen, that is too beautiful not to experience!

    And that rope swing seems to go out over the trees and beach. I may have gotten a bit scared looking at those😉

    Gorgeous photos! So glad it was a wonderful holiday for you.

  3. lovely pics no STUNNING pics!!!!!
    looks just amazing!!!!!!
    love the pic of the boys swinging out over the beach!!!!
    and mich!!!
    and your toes…lol

    and yes this new lens..cant wait to see it in action!!!

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