Yesterday, we farewelled a truly remarkable lady. Rob’s Gran, who passed away last Friday at the age of 100.

IMG_2538 (1600x1067)

Gwendoline Lucy McCorkindale was a very special lady. She lived through so many things in her lifetime, including two World Wars and the Great Depression. During WWII, she sent her husband off to Egypt in his Army uniform, not knowing if she would ever see him again. Thankfully, she did. She raised 2 daughters, was a grandmother to 7, and a great-grandmother to 22.

Gran had the BEST laugh. It was more of a chuckle, and nobody seems to be able to impersonate it. That’s something I will miss. She was always laughing. If she didn’t catch something that somebody said to her, she wouldn’t ask them to repeat it, she would just laugh. A few years ago, she began to lose her eyesight. But aside from that, she was in perfect health. No loss of mobility or faculties. She was as sharp as a tack, right until the end.

Just 5 months ago, the whole family gathered to celebrate Gran’s 100th birthday. It was wonderful. She received her letter from the Queen, and she was pretty chuffed about it. On the day of her party, I took lots of photos. I’m glad I did, because they are the last photos I have of her. She looked beautiful, and at least 15 years younger than her true age.

Gran's 100th

A few days ago, as I was looking for photos to send to Rob’s cousin for a slide show, I came across a photo of Gran holding Tyler when he was a baby. This was taken about 7 years ago, which means she was 93 years old. She looks 20 years younger than that!


Gran lovingly made the knitted mouse in this photo when Tyler was born, and “Mousy” has been his favourite ever since. He looks a little different these days, as he has lost his nose, has new button eyes, and has been restuffed. He was (and still is) a much loved companion.


As we drove to and from the funeral yesterday (2 hours each way), we had a Switchfoot marathon. We are all huge Switchfoot fans. We played 5 of their albums, and this song was one of the last ones we heard on our journey home last night. The ultimate funeral song, a perfect way of expressing how we feel about losing our beloved Gran and Great-Gran.
We are sad to lose her, and it was a big shock, because we honestly thought she would be around for a few more years. But we are so happy that she lived a wonderful, long life, and did not suffer at the end. And we know we will see her again one day, in heaven.

“Yesterday” – Switchfoot

Flowers cut and brought inside
Black cars in a single line
Your family in suits and ties
And you’re free

The ache I feel inside
Is where the life has left your eyes
I’m alone for our last goodbye
But you’re free

I remember you like yesterday, yesterday
I still can’t believe you’re gone
I remember you like yesterday, yesterday
And until I’m with you, I’ll carry on

Adrift on your ocean floor
I feel weightless, numb, and sore
A part of you in me is torn
And you’re free

I woke from a dream last night
I dreamt that you were by my side
Reminding me I still had life
In me

I’ll carry on

Every lament is a love song
Yesterday, yesterday
I still can’t believe you’re gone
So long my friend, so long

Goodbye, Gran.
You were my husband’s Gran, but you were also my Gran for the last 13 years.
I will miss you.

7 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Poignant lyrics and song. My gosh Gwendoline looks gorgeous, what a precious gem she is/was. One thing that strikes me about her is her gorgeous smile. RIP Gwendoline Lucy.

  2. Wow, she looks and sounds like an amazing woman. I can’t believe how well she looked on her birthday. And that photo of her and Tyler is gorgeous! You are so right in saying she looks much younger than her years. I can only wish for such a long and fulfilling life myself. So sad for those left behind.

  3. Sorry for your loss. The words of that song are just right. It’s so good you have lots of lovely photos, she looks like she’s had a very full life. Interestingly … there are McCorkindales in my family tree on Mum’s side.

  4. Hugs Hannah. She sounded like the loveliest lady. You have some wonderful and beautiful memories of her with those photos and treasures she has made the kids. Xx

  5. what a lovely write up!!!
    she sounds like a joy to be around!!!
    and looks stunning in that red!!
    and those pics of her with the boys…priceless

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