Pondering …

Once again, I have been thinking about giving up the blog. Or maybe just making it private.

I enjoy the act of blogging, because I enjoy writing. I also like being able to document things here. For me, for my family. Memories that would otherwise be lost. Photos capture moments, but they don’t tell the stories. That’s one of the reasons I scrapbook, but I’m not “up to date”. I have never bowed to the pressure of scrapbooking chronologically, or making sure I’ve ticked certain pages off an imaginary list. I just scrap the photos I feel like scrapping, or use the products I feel like using. I guess that’s because scrapbooking is primarily a creative outlet for me, and preserving memories is simply a bonus. However, this does mean that there are some stories that don’t get told. But I do try to tell them here. Which is why I would miss the blog, if I shut it down.

Hence the idea of keeping it private. I don’t do it for other people, anyway. I do it for me and for my family.

Why am I thinking like this, after 6 years of regular blogging?

To be honest, I have been disillusioned with the whole blogging scene for quite some time. Hardly anybody reads or comments on my blog these days, compared to a few years ago. That’s not a big deal, I can handle the loss of traffic. I certainly don’t follow the “rules” for increasing blog traffic, because I don’t really care that much. But there are other reasons, too. I often feel like I have to be careful what I say. I don’t want to feel like that. I want to be able to write about God, without always feeling like I need to “tone it down”. I want to express my concerns about this PC-mad world we live in, without offending people. I want to share my true feelings, without the fear of being laughed at. I want to share my poetry, my prayers, the rambling, crazy, raw and honest stuff I write in my pen-on-paper journal (yes, I still have one, even in this technological age).

What to do? I’ve been through this conundrum before. I have (obviously) always decided to KEEP blogging, and to keep doing it publicly. Maybe I’ll do the same thing this time. Maybe I won’t.

I don’t know the answer right now. But perhaps it will come to me, in time. Until then, I might not have a lot to say. I might have more to say than ever before. We’ll just have to see.

19 thoughts on “Pondering …

  1. Hey Hannah

    I think google reader has a lot to do with comments, i read every post but don’t always come to the blogs to comment. As for what you put in your posts, if people don’t like it then they don’t have to read it, they can skip through what they don’t want to read. I enjoy your posts and watching you all in Aussie brought back wonderful memories of our family trip 3 years ago. Now we all want to go again soon!
    Good luck with your pondering!

  2. I’m terrible for not leaving comments as I read your blog in a reader too. I have no problem with whatever you feel like writing. Not everyone is always going to feel as you do or agree with everything you say and if someone has a problem with a blog they shouldn’t be following it. I enjoy your blog and just like Rachel, you’ve made us start saving for Aussie after seeing your lovely trip. Hope you keep writing but totally get it if you decide to keep it just for yourself.๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Agree with Rachel – I read in GooleReader and don’t comment as not easy to do (read – too lazy to click on blog). I enjoy your blog and began following for your amazing layouts. As a mum of to boys close in age to yours I have scraplifted a few of your layouts. If you publish a post that is not of hugh interest I just skip over it, but this doesn’t happen often.

  4. Tough choice Hannah, but you’ll know deep in your heart what sits best for you. ( And hey, if you still can’t decide then there’s the old ‘pull the decision out of a hat’ method LOL).

  5. Im the same…..annoying all these people read then dont comment….but i do the same (DAM you google reader)

    but hey you do what feels right…..i personally love reading what you are doing…cos as a friend who lives far away i LOVE hearing about what you are all up to!!! and seeing your boys grow up!!

    as for the personal faith thing…DO IT…its your blog…if they dont like it they can hit the X button in the corner!!!!

  6. I apologise Hannah for not leaving comments on your blog … I have loved reading about your holiday recently, and seeing your scrap pages.

    I have made an effort to blog each week this year, but next year I will be more relaxed about when/if I blog. I think the whole internet thing has changed in the past couple of years, forums aren’t as popular as they used to be, but think that could be because the ones who used to ‘meet and chat’ there are now in a different phase of life. Our kids are growing up, life getting busier, some of us are working more/longer hours so that spare time we used to spend on the net has declined alot. Also facebook has probably picked up in the last few years too.

    Whether you keep blogging or not is up to you, but I would still love to hear what you are up to.

  7. Soooooo feelin’ ya Hannah! I’m feeling really disillusioned with my blog too – I get frustrated with my lack of traffic, and I hate that I feel that way too! I’m on the verge of a blog meltdown – do I delete or continue?! I want to preserve this time in my life somehow, but maybe blogging isn’t the right way for me to do that… Hmmmmm. I love reading your blog – with or without God and all that makes you, you.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I really don’t have much to add to what has already been said other than Hannah at the end of the day do what is right for you. Your blog your voice.

  9. Hi, I think you should ask yourself what the blog brings to your life. That will bring you to the answer.

    As for content — well you should find a balance within yourself to say what you believe, and we all change our minds … so do not think you have to commit to the thought for the rest of your life just because you put ‘pen to paper’ … in todays times we write what we think when we think it, and than we set it free.

    Good luck!

  10. I hear ya hannah. I don’t blog anymore because I don’t feel like I really have anything to say, and the stuff I have to say I feel is too personal, or just complaining, and I don’t really want to put that out there, so I don’t write at all. I suppose I could make mine private too, but then on the odd chance I did want to share a post then everything else would be public again. So instead I jsut don’t do anything! lol Its a lose lose situation. But I do enjoy your posts, and do try to comment.

  11. I totally agree with what everyone says Hannah – your blog, your voice. And I am as guilty as the next person for not commenting much these days. I read a lot of blogs in reader as that helps me keep up with the blogs I want to keep up with…. but not necessarily the person behind the blog. Everything in life moves faster – including how we interact online! I got to know you – as much as you can get to know someone online – via the scrapping forums we spent time on in common, and definitely via your blog. For some reason, I think the blog is more a reflection of you than the likes of facebook – yet FB seems to be the place to hang…. probably because it is *faster* to interact with people… speed again!! I would add my vote to you keeping your blog simply because of self interest…. I would *miss* the flavour you bring here. But hopefully whatever you decide, I hope that we would keep in touch one way or another๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I know exactly what you mean, I am pretty disillusioned and my response has been to blog for family and friends only, when I feel like it.

    That said, I wanted to write about something recently and didn’t because I didn’t want to offend…so really I haven’t found a solution either.

    I do agree with everyone else, your blog, you can write about whatever you want!


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  14. You know I know.
    And I quit.
    But I really don’t want you to quit.
    But I completely understand if you do.
    You’ve got to do what’s right for you.

  15. Hey Hannah – have been AWOL from the net for a while (in hospital!) so missed this post!

    Your blog was one of the first I found that really motivated me to keep going! In fact, the first night I found it I sat down with a bowl of ice-cream and read right through your archives. I have loved every single post, and I try and comment as often as I can because you are so rad at commenting on mine!

    This is YOUR place, for you, and one day your boys will sit down with their own ice cream (beer? tee hee) and read and read. And then they will call you and say – oh mum, remember when…and that, my friend, is the moment you will say PHEW. Thank GOODNESS I kept blogging.๐Ÿ˜‰ This blog is a treasure for your prosterity and for your readers right now, and you should use it how YOU see fit. Love it! xo๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Well I for one am rapt that you are here to stay. Ages ago I remember blogger did something, can’t for the life of me remember what and I no longer use the google [or something like that] function any longer … so I come a visiting all on my lonesome. Love what you share and I’ve always said it’s your blog, to blog as you will … so please keep blogging … your posts bring a smile to my day.

    Hugs my friend.

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