Things that bug the heck out of me.

Normally I try to keep this blog a positive place. At the very least, I refrain from moaning and whining and complaining about everything, because really. Who wants to read that?

But today, I’m in one of THOSE moods. I got to thinking about the little things that REALLY bug me. They aren’t huge issues, or matters of life and death. In fact, they usually aren’t even worth mentioning. But every time you experience one, you think to yourself, “Gee, that is SO annoying!” …

Well, I’m going to share my list of things that bug the heck out of me. Ready?

1. I hate it when I go to use the toilet/bathroom at somebody else’s house, and THE DOOR DOES NOT HAVE A FREAKIN’ LOCK ON IT. I almost want to “hold on” until I get home. The whole time I’m in there, I feel all churned up and anxious. Which often doesn’t make the whole going-to-the-bathroom-in-a-strange-place process any easier, if you know what I mean. I am constantly terrified that somebody is going to come barging in while I’m sitting there with my knickers around my ankles. I usually try pushing my foot against the door while I’m doing my business, but that doesn’t work well sometimes, especially when the toilet is in the same room as the shower or bath, in which case the door is always miles away from the loo. In those situations, I try to make a LOT of noise. I cough, I sing, I bang things. I’ve also been known to grab one of my children (or even somebody else’s child) and ask them to “stand guard” outside while I’m in there. The whole thing becomes even more frightening when there are a lot of other guests at the house, because they probably don’t KNOW that the door doesn’t have a lock, so they don’t KNOW that they need to knock first, so they just open it and walk on in. Ohhh, I’m getting all churned up just writing about it! Seriously though, if your toilet door doesn’t have a lock, GET ONE. Okay? Thanks.

2. I do not like it when other drivers fail to indicate (signal). Honestly, IT’S NOT THAT HARD TO DO! It is one of the most basic things we all learn when we’re learning to drive, so it should really be second nature. I live in a pretty quiet little suburb, but to get from that quiet little suburb onto the main road, I have to turn right, across 2 lanes of traffic. There are no traffic lights, and it’s a fairly busy intersection. There’s plenty of school traffic, and it’s the last major “exit road” before our big shopping centre. At certain times of the day, you can wait there for several minutes before a big enough gap becomes available. People who don’t indicate and then turn into the road I am waiting to turn out of REALLY RIP MY NIGHTIE. Usually I will throw my hands up in disgust/bewilderment as they cruise on past, but most of the time they’re completely oblivious. That annoys me even more. If somebody is going to be an inconsiderate moron, I’d rather they did it knowingly. Because one day, they might realise that being an inconsiderate moron is, well, inconsiderate. They might decide to change. But the people who are completely clueless? They are NEVER GOING TO CHANGE.

3. I detest paying for half of something. Half a bag of chips (and half a bag of air). Half a tin of tuna (and half a tin of air). Hey, I’ve got a great idea. It’s a simple, yet cunning, plan. Why not make the bags and the tins HALF THE SIZE? Then I would actually know what I was getting. I would be able to make an informed decision about the amount of chips and tuna I wanted. The “net weight” of a product means diddly squat to me. I’d rather eyeball the bag or tin and say, “Yep, that looks like the amount I require”. And then open it and find THE AMOUNT I REQUIRE. I realise net weight refers to the weight of the product without the packaging, but it honestly feels like I AM PAYING FOR AIR. It may be purely psychological, but don’t marketing and psychology go together like peas and carrots? Yes they do.

4. I am a self-confessed grammar and spelling Nazi. Yes, I’ve posted about this before, but it begs to be mentioned again. I know some people are lazy when it comes to using correct grammar and spelling in emails, Facebook and blogs. I will be honest: that DOES irk me, but I’m not going there right now. No, I’m talking about spelling mistakes in a professional setting. There is no excuse for it! I am a firm believer that spelling mistakes should NOT be seen in the following places: newspapers, books, magazines, work memos, school correspondence, signs and other advertising. Maybe it is something to do with my profession (I am a medical writer/editor). I spend my work days writing professional material for pharma companies, and it is my job to ensure that the content I produce is grammatically correct. Spelling mistakes are not acceptable. In that past, I have boycotted shops with spelling errors in their advertising. For example, I would NEVER buy a bed from a shop with a sign outside saying, “Bed’s For Sale”. NEVER EVER EVER.

5. I get really annoyed by people who TALK during movies, shows and concerts. Seriously! Why do people pay x amount of dollars to sit and gasbag to their friends? They could be doing that ANYWHERE. What is the point of going to a movie if you are going to talk all the way through it? Doing so at a show is considered extremely rude, since the actors are actually IN THE SAME ROOM at the time! Thankfully there are ushers at most shows and seated concerts who will admonish and remove Chatty McChatterbox from the venue. But at the movies, the ushers seem to disappear before the movie begins. Gone are the “good old days” where you would not dare to put your feet on the seat in front of you, because you knew the usher would come along and shine his/her torch on you, and give you a dirty look. It’s a case of “anything goes” these days. People can text on their phones and talk through movies and GET AWAY WITH IT. When I fork out my hard-earned money to watch/listen to something I like, I definitely don’t want to hear strangers yakking. Period.

So. There’s my list. It actually feels good to share.

Whether you share my “pet peeves” or have other ones of your own, I KNOW you all know what I’m talkin’ about. And because I know that you know, I’m giving you a chance to share all things that bug the heck out of YOU. So go for it, comment away!:-)

14 thoughts on “Things that bug the heck out of me.

  1. hahahha i am SO with you!!!
    went to someones house the other day…and with kids running around the house i was too scared to use the loo!!! i dont pee under pressure!!!
    i felt sick….so scared i was going to be SPRUNG….i dont care if your kids come in when you are there!!!! privacy people!!! come on!!!

    as for the other items…i get confused on where those little “”””””””””‘s go!!!! hahahahha!!!

    great post…love it!!!

  2. People who make empty threats to their children “I’ll leave you here” – you so aren’t going to leave them in the middle of the shopping centre, so why say it! Make it appropriate and follow it through.

    I’m scared now, about all my poor grammar choices and spelling mistakes (I’m shocking, because I type so fast and don’t go back and check, sorry Hannah😉

    • I’m afraid sometimes it’s the easiest way to get them out of the shop, other than carrying them, which is hard to do when you have another smaller child.
      Whats worse, is saying something like “If you do that one more time, I’m gonna take it off you…Katie? Did you hear me? If you do that again…. im gonna count to 3….Katie, give it back please. Or i swear i’m gonna take it off you!”

  3. I definitely share the grammar/spelling one. I write to the editor of Stuff to point out their errors – on Wednesday on one of the photo caption they had a girl “crys” as she touches the WWE cup. I wasn’t even polite in my email!

  4. All of my pet hates have just been listed above! When we pick Elijah up from kindy there are a few mothers (actually it’s the majority) who chat through the whole of mat time. You want the kids to get the most out of mat time but with all the racket it makes it hard for them to concentrate.

    And TV3 is a shocker for spelling errors – usually daily I spot a few

  5. yes, the indicating one is definitely high up on my list. I seriously HATE when a car just moves across into your lane without any indicator. Or the other side of that coin, when you are indicating you are about to move into the lane because you are in the merge lane – and the car that is on your right but is definitely behind you CHOOSES to ignore you and *rushes* to close the space – meaning you run out of lane!!!!! I really detest that!!!!

  6. Ha Ha Ha, or should that be Ha ha ha :o)

    No.1 is one of my absolutel pet hates too. I don’t get it either. We went camping last year and the campsite didn’t have locks on their doors. WTH?? Now that was taking it too far!! I totally can’t relax when I go somewhere and there isn’t locks on the toilet door either though, I also try and hold my foot on the door! Hilarious!! Trust me, you can safely pee at my place :o)

    I also sympathise at no. 2, 3, and 5. I usualy “shhh” people at the movies, although I do admit to putting my feet up, but only because most of the time I can’t touch the floor and its uncomfortable to leave your legs dangling!!

    I hope getting it all down and having a vent helped though.

  7. Okay, I will be honest and say that I’m sitting here nearly wetting myself over your pet peeves … seriously I am!

    You can come and pee at my house, downstairs loo – lockable door – check. Not sure about upstairs in our ensuite, but I figure that one’s out-of-bounds – lol. In our old house we didn’t have a lockable door, but our children knew that if the door was shut, you didn’t go in – it was occupied!

    Me too on the indicating thing – irritates me no end when people don’t indicate and I’m sometimes not polite in showing my displeasure either – just saying.

    Totally love you saying about you being a self-confessed spelling and grammar Nazi – can totally understand that – it’s your profession for goodness sake. I noticed on my own blog the other day that in my hurry ‘know’ and ‘no’ were incorrect and I know full well what’s what, just didn’t check – hate that when that happens – lol.

  8. You know, sometimes vining is the best trick to feel better. And I wasn´t bored at all by reading about it. Somehow reading about other peoples problems etc makes me feel better about myself😉. Makes my feelings seam a bit more normal…

  9. Aw gvie us a baerk Hnanh. Tsohe Nzais wree not ncie to be aornud! As lnog as yov’ue got hte rhgit ltetres, polepe konw waht you maen! Wtahs’ a ‘ bweten frdneis.

  10. hehehehe – am with you on all of the above!
    You can come pee at my place, as have a lock on the door.
    I hate those who don’t indicate and act like we should know where they want to go!
    My pet peeve is when people use your when it should be you’re, also agree places like schools/newspapers/magazines should not have spelling errors in their material.

  11. YES to #1 2 and 5. The grammar and spelling thing though, I am GUILTY of that one so…


    It’s always good to vent! A good rant is enjoyable to read and this one was just that!

  12. First of all, I better get a lock on my toilet door for next time you come to visit! ; )
    But, here’s one that gets me – when kids sit at the top of slides in a playground but dont slide down, while other children wait for a turn. OR kids that keep walking up the slide and sliding down while kids wait. But worse, are the parents watching who don’t care!!
    And I hate when i’m waiting at an intersection for someone whos got the right of way to go, but they think its better to “allow you to go first” , just to be nice. GGrrrrr. Just drive to the road rules! It saves us all time!
    Ahh. Thats all for now but I think you may have opened a can and i’ll notice more as the day goes on:)

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