He loves me

It was Valentines Day yesterday, and all 3 of my boys pulled out the stops to show their love.

I had to get up early to head into the office, but Rob & I exchanged cards before I left. His card said:

My sweet Hannah,
We’ve had a few [13, we worked out!] Valentines Days together now, and I still look forward to spending time together with you more than ever before. You are my everything. I love you so much.
Rob xxOXo

The boys were still asleep when I left the house, but as I was opening the gate, I heard Tyler running downstairs, calling me. He was holding a handmade card. It had a heart cut out of the middle, with 2 mini chocolates taped to the back, and it said:

I love you Daddy! I love you Mummy! I love you Mummy and Daddy. From Tyler

I arrived home from work at 6pm with little Valentines Day gifts for the boys. Ethan & Tyler each got a heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie with piped chocolate icing and a cute little fondant animal on top (from the Mairangi Bay bakery). I put the cookies in red dotty gift boxes with bows on top. They LOVED them. I wish I had taken photos before they gobbled them up! For Rob, I put a mixture of heart-shaped chocolates and lollies in a white Chinese takeaway carton. Simple, but I knew he’d like it.

Ethan presented me with a handmade card, which had a Kit Kat bar sellotaped on the back (he bought the chocolate bar with his own money). His card said:

Happy Vanintimes Day [chuckle]
To Mummy, I love you heaps and I hope you had a fabulous day.
Ethan xoxox

Rob handed me an ice cold beverage and insisted that no, I couldn’t help with anything. I had to sit and relax while he made dinner for the kids, while simultaneously preparing a romantic dinner for the two of us.

In the meantime, Tyler handed me a note:

Go to the laoonj. I promis that thea will be a shoe.

I went to the LOUNGE. There was a SHOW! A one-man show with poi swinging, dancing and singing.

Once the boys were fed and in bed (7.30pm), I was ushered out to the new deck, where Rob had set a lovely table for two.


He gave me my gift (a new set of red wine glasses) and then served a delicious meal of slow-cooked French Style Lamb Shanks with mushrooms and carrots, creamy mashed potato with parmesan shavings, and a salad of capsicum, spring onions and halved vine tomatoes served in a crispy cos lettuce leaf. We washed it all down with a glass of Castello di Verrazzano Chianti Classico 2004. From ITALY.


Dessert was self-saucing chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.


My man, he loves me.

Yesterday was his “day off”, but he didn’t get a second to rest. He made the lunches, took the boys to school, did the grocery shopping, drove into Birkenhead and back to deliver something (a 90-minute round trip), did the housework, shaved off his 3-week-old beard (just for me!), picked the boys up from school, took Tyler to the Dr (he has an ear infection), dropped a prescription off at the chemist, bought swimming ear plugs for Tyler, helped the boys with their homework, cooked two dinners and cleaned up afterwards.

I am blessed.

P.S. Even Buddy enjoyed a Valentines Day treat, in the form of a couple of bones from the Mad Butcher!:-)

14 thoughts on “He loves me

  1. How sweet of Rob! And to think that I can remember him teasing me for my upside down beagle eyes when I was about 10! I LOVE the note Tyler gave you – at first I thought you had to go and find a shoe at the lagoon!

  2. what a lovely day you had being spoilt by the men in your family. How exciting to get a one man show too. Dinner looked fab and whooo hoo for having dinner on the new deck. Mike and I spent Valentines at the Carter Observatory….:-)

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