Captured by Neen …

My wonderful friend Neen is an amateur photographer who is starting her own business called Life Captured by Neen. We booked a family photo shoot with her a few weeks ago, and the photos arrived the other day.


I was so thrilled with them, I couldn’t help but share a few of my favourites. I hope you like them too!

IMG_5712 (400x600)

IMG_5739e (600x400)

IMG_5753e (400x600)

IMG_5769 (400x600)

IMG_5805 (400x600)

IMG_5815 (400x600)

IMG_5852 (resized 600x400)

IMG_5823e (400x600)

IMG_5860 (400x600)

IMG_5863 (400x600)

IMG_5866 (600x400)

IMG_5881 (600x400)

IMG_5896 (600x400)

IMG_5906 (400x600)

IMG_5858 (400x600)

Here is the review I wrote (along with 5 pretty stars):

“Neen is fabulous! She is professional, yet fun, and has an amazing eye. My boys still talk about her and how much fun they had that day.
I absolutely love ALL the photos Neen took of our family. I am going to have a really hard time deciding which photos to enlarge, scrap, stick onto cards, gift to others, frame, use as screensavers, put in my wallet, hang on the wall, etc! They are all so fantastic.
I highly recommend Neen to anybody who wants a fun, non-stuffy photo shoot (although I’m sure she could do stuffy very well if you really wanted her to). Book her now, you won’t be disappointed!”

12 thoughts on “Captured by Neen …

  1. oh wow Hannah – stunning photos … love, love, love that family photo of the four of you lying down … ultra special … and the two photos of you and Rob doing the smooching … the grafitti in the background … you two in blue … wow! and I just whipped back and had another look, and look at the length of your hair …

    have fun choosing what you are going to do what with … look forward to seeing ‘the model’ layouts … fab-u-lous in a mini album too …

  2. Fantastic photos…..if thats just a few of your fav you are going to have a hard time picking which to use for what etc etc…..Neen did a fab job. Love the shot of Rob and the boys and of all four of you lying on the grass. Cute one of you and rob smooching…

  3. These are ALL so fabulous! I especially like the one of you and Rob back to back. You can almost sense that you two are up to something and then – wham – you are smooching in the next shot! LOL. Need did a great job. She is the type of photographer I would need to get me out of my shell.

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