Fat Old Ladies

My boys have pretty crazy imaginations. They are FUNNY, and they say and do some wacky stuff. This is fine by me, because I think life would be rather dull without a little bit o’ crazy, without laughing-until-I-cry, and without constantly asking myself, “Just where did they get their sense of humour from?”

Rob and I spend much of our time laughing at their antics, and these school holidays were no different.

Of course, it is the dream of every young boy to wile away the hours on a rainy day dressed up like a Fat Old Lady. No? Well, my boys beg to differ.

On this particular day, they stuffed blankets and clothing into their shirts and pants, made “old lady hair” with carefully coiffed shirts, donned (sun)glasses, used their drum sticks as walking canes, and walked around the house with croaky voices and perpetual stoops.

Now for the photographic evidence you’ve been dying to see. Here are my Fat Old Ladies:


Obviously old ladies like to wear striped thermal underwear.


I’m a little surprised they could manage the stairs.


Oh dear, did you misplace your Senior Citizens card? How about some tea and scones, love? That will cheer you up!

18 thoughts on “Fat Old Ladies

  1. Oh man I hope they weren’t thinking of me!!! I have got the fat, old and lady part of it!!!
    they are so funny :):) nana

  2. Oh my goodness. It’s like looking in the mirror. Did you show them a photo of me? I love, love, love the last photo. It rea;;y looks like me when I wake up in the morning. Of course I love the canes. Life would be so horrible if we didn’t have a sense of humor. I can’t wait for Lilah to start talking so I can find out what goes through her mind. She smiles and laughs all the time and already has a wonderfuyl sense of what is funny which to her everything is funny. At least I don’t have old lady hair. LOL

  3. OMG that is so very very funny. I find it so funny things that kids come up with. I can def see a layout in these pics and story!

  4. Those photos are so funny! I love the grins!! When we were young, we weren’t allowed to celebrate Halloween, but one year my mother relented, and we had to make up last minute costumes. Yes, I went as a fat old lady!! This brings back very fond memories for me.🙂

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  7. Ah, HAHAHA! I love when they get silly like this. I’ve missed some of your posts but found this one through another link while trying to catch up! I’m glad I did because it made me smile! 🙂

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