Eight is great

Dear Ethan,

Today, you are 8! I can’t believe it. The time has just gone so quickly. People told me it would, but I didn’t really realise until it happened to me. One day I blinked, and my baby is suddenly EIGHT.


You have been counting down the days for, oh, the last couple of months. Every day you would tell us all how many days were left until your birthday. The other day, you started prefacing your countdown with the word “technically”. So you’d say, “Technically, there are only 2 days until my birthday.”πŸ˜‰

The past few days, you have also been making comments like, “I like my birthday more than the presents”, and “I love you more than my birthday”. Bless!

You’ve been saving up your pocket money for the past few months so you could buy a much-wanted Lego set. The other day, when we were at the Warehouse buying a gift for your friend, we noticed that they had 20% off the particular set you were after. So instead of $59, it was $47. You had only saved up $43 at the time, so I offered to buy it for you, put it away in the closet, and you could pay me back on your birthday after receiving your usual $25 cheque from Great-Gran. I’m really proud of how diligently you have saved your money for something you really wanted. And today, you were rewarded.πŸ™‚

This morning you opened your birthday presents from us, Tyler and some of your Whangarei relatives. You’ll be getting more presents tonight when Nana, Grandad and Aunty Leah come over for dinner.
Mummy & Daddy gave you a chapter book and a new Bible, which was on your birthday list. It’s one for kids aged 8-12, in an easy-to-read translation. You were SO thrilled to receive it, and that warmed my heart. You also sat quietly and read EVERY word of the card Mummy and Daddy gave you:

You’re Special, Son.

From the beginning
you’ve been a blessing,
and each year brings
more reasons to be proud
of who you are becoming.
God has good things
in store for you –
to grow in faith,
to make a difference,
and to experience
His never-ending love.

Those words are SO true.

You make us very proud, little guy. You are an excellent student (top of your class in many areas), but you are also polite, helpful and kind. Last weekend you attended a friend’s birthday party. When his mum dropped you home, she said you would have received her “Politeness Award”. My heart swelled with pride.
Last week, your school celebrated Book Week. Your Year 4 class teamed up with a Year 2 class for your Book Parade item. The teacher of that Year 2 class just happened to be the very same teacher you had in Year 2, Mrs Nicholson. And apparently Mrs Nicholson told Miss Mannington (your current teacher) how lucky she was to have you in her class! Again, my heart swelled with pride. I think it might explode one day!

You are having a “Captain Underpants” birthday party on Sunday afternoon, and you are very excited about it. Mummy & Daddy have been planning some really fun games and activities for you and your friends. I’ll be making an underpants cake, and I know you’re going to have a great time.

I love you so much, little guy. I hope you know how much. I’ll keep on telling you every single day, just like you tell me you love me. And I hope you will always remember the bible verse on your birthday card:

God not only loves you very much but also has put His hand on you for something special.” 1 Thessalonians 1:4 (The Message)

Happy Birthday, Ethan! I hope today is wonderful – just like you!

Love, Mummy xx

10 thoughts on “Eight is great

  1. Beautiful. I love what you are teaching himπŸ™‚ My eldest turns 8 next week and I this resonates with me. Too fast…just way too fast.

  2. Happy Birthday Ethan, I love that he read every word on the card you gave him. Some of my much loved and treasured gifts that I still have a re two bibles one from my parents and the other from my nana and pop who passed away.

  3. Happy birthday Ethan! What a lovely young man you are becoming. (I have stalked your mum’s blog long enough for me to be able to say that! lol) Hannah I love the message you wrote in his card. You are building him up in faith and love…no wonder he has turned out so well. =)

    Enjoy the party!

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