My rockstar

As many of you will know from Facebook, we have a drummer in our family. Ethan started learning the drums in late 2008, so he’s been having lessons for just over 18 months.

He is getting GOOD. And he’s only 7 years old!

Last Tuesday night, he and another boy at church (who is 12 and also learning the drums) were invited to come along to music practice at church, and play along with the band. Ethan did SO well! It was quite humorous to hear him throwing in a crash cymbal during a slow, more worshipful song, but he was definitely able to keep the beat for the rest of the band. I was pretty impressed, and so were several others in the music team (including one very talented musician with 3 adult sons who each play 5 instruments, including the drums).

Greg, Ethan’s drum teacher, has told me that Ethan has a very natural talent and an excellent sense of rhythm. He said many kids find it difficult to keep time, and if they start to speed up or slow down when they are playing along with a CD, they don’t notice. Ethan does. He is able to quickly correct himself, and he is getting more and more confident with trying new beats and “fillers”.

A few months ago, we finally got Ethan his very own adult-size drum kit. He was STOKED! Sure, it takes up almost half of his bedroom, but he loves practicing. And I love listening to him. I made a special playlist on my iPod containing songs for him to drum along to, and I put my iPod docking station in his room so he can bash away to his heart’s content.

Here are some pictures of him practicing during the holidays:


(Rob made the silencer pads out of old carpet underlay … much better than the proper pads as they don’t completely block the sound).


Yesterday, Ethan had his first drum lesson for Term 2. I asked him how it went, and he told me about a drumming game they had played on Greg’s electronic drum kit. Apparently there is a score out of 100, and the highest Greg has ever gotten is 92. The highest score from ALL the primary school age kids (5-10 years) Greg teaches? 82. And guess who got that score? Ethan.
The other kids in Year 4 who learn the drums were getting scores in the 30’s. I asked Ethan what Greg said about his result, and he replied: “Impressive”.

Impressive, alright.

When Ethan first starting learning the drums, I was under no illusions that my son was a prodigy or a genius. I didn’t think he had any natural talent, I just wanted him to learn an instrument and to enjoy himself. Now that I’m starting to hear lots of positive feedback about his talent and his progress (in relation to his age), I feel very proud of him. And I’m SO excited for his future.

I would LOVE it if my son(s) became rockstars one day! Not because I want to live vicariously through them, not because of the fame and fortune, but because I LOVE music. Especially live music. Music is powerful. It communicates with people. It’s the universal language. Being part of that is awesome, I know that from experience.

I’ll be the best roadie Mum around. I’ll be at ALL the gigs, trying to be cool and NOT embarrassing. I’ll transport the band members and all their gear in my station wagon. I’ll blast their demo CDs on my stereo and rave about them to anyone who will listen.

Yeah. It’ll be awesome. And I can’t wait.๐Ÿ™‚

20 thoughts on “My rockstar

  1. LOL-I think there’s just a tad of ‘vicarious thought’ there Hannah! But I totally agree, music feeds the soul. How very cool that Ethan is doing so well at the drums, and enjoying it. WTG you should be very proud.

  2. No musicians in our family but if there was I would be the best roadie mum too. WTG Ethan and definitely a proud mama moment.

  3. Very cool … not sure I would be such a kind mother by letting my son have a drum set in the house! I like music, but not loud! hehehee
    And I was grinning away to myself at you being the best roadie mum around๐Ÿ™‚ I am sure you will! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. That just awesome that he has something he really enjoys, looks like he is really getting his rock on! hehe I can imaigine you will be his most loyal fan when he grown up and rocking the house down! hehe

  5. What a cool post to read Hannah. Go Ethan. I think its fantastic that he is enjoying music and learning at the same time. Just think in a few years time when you look at this blogpost and see how far your rockstar has come.

  6. Go Ethan! My daughter also learns the drums she is 12 and has been doing it for about the same time as Ethan – this term she had moved onto the guitar but still loves playing the drums and next term her lessons will be one week drums and one week guitar.
    I love listening to them – music is fantastic for the soul and so it watching your kids learn and grow. I could be a roady mum to so maybe they need to play together and we can scrap and travel with them LOL lots!

  7. That is so wonderful Hannah! It’s so great when your kids find some they love. Watching them work hard to improve makes a Mom’s heart swell with pride.

    Ps you’ll get me tickets to his shows, right? You know when he comes and does his North American tour!

  8. Yay! Go Ethan, that is SO COOL! Musically is the best way to live, and it’s great that he’s discovering that…

    I can’t wait to see if my kids wants to play and instrument (I’d be surprised if they don’t), and what instrument they pick if they do.

    Rock on Hannah, and the rest of the family!!

  9. Way to go Ethan! How awesome he has a passion for music. Just like swewi, I can’t wait to see if my boys want to play an instrument and which one they’ll choose!

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