Back to School

For the very first time, I sent TWO boys off to school on the first day of Term 1. I was feeling pretty sad that it was time for them to head back; I have really loved having them home for 6 weeks, and I miss them heaps when they’re not here. But they were excited about going back, and seeing their friends.

Uniformed & sunblocked, with school bags, book bags and scooter (Tyler). Ready to walk to school on day 1.


They were both VERY excited about it, and more than happy to pose for photos.



We dropped Ethan off at his classroom first. He is in Year 4 this year, but he’s in a Year 3/4 composite class. He’s in a class with 3 of his best friends, and has a new first-year teacher called Miss Mannington. He was really excited to see Jimmy, Cian & Harry. All the kids LOVED their flip-top desks where they were asked to put their brand new stationery. Previously they have only sat at tables, and had tote-trays or cubbyholes for their stuff.

After saying goodbye to (a very happy) Ethan, we headed over to Tyler’s classroom. He’s in Year 1, and his teacher is Ms Sharman. He started to act a little shy once we got inside, but soon brightened up when we started looking around the room at the bookshelf, games, etc. He was happy to sit down and write his name on the sign-in sheet, and added a cute little smiley face at the end of his name.🙂

Unfortunately, once the bell rang and it was time for the kids to line up for assembly, Tyler got pretty upset.😦
He clung to me, and said he didn’t want me to leave. Eventually the teacher had to hold his hand and practically drag him out the door. He was bawling his eyes out as they walked to the hall.

When I picked them up after school, both boys were BEYOND excited to tell me about their days. Tyler said, “I was sad at the start, but only for a very little time, and then it was GREAT!” and Ethan was nearly jumping out of his skin with excitement over his fabulous day. I went and had a little chat to Tyler’s teacher, who confirmed that he had only cried for a couple of minutes, and then never mentioned me again! I warned her that we may have a few mornings like that, and she said that wouldn’t be a problem, and she suspected there would be a few others in her class feeling the same way.

Tearful mornings are not a new thing for Tyler, or for me. We had quite a few when he started morning Kindy, and again when he started school last year (although he didn’t cry at all on his very first day of school, or for the next 3 or 4 days). We have successfully used a reward chart for him in the past, where he would get a sticker and a jellybean if he didn’t cry when I dropped him off. After getting 10 stickers, he could choose some kind of reward (usually a toy from the $2 shop). This has always worked brilliantly, so we have decided to start this system again. Hopefully we won’t have to do it for too long, just until he’s settled into his new classroom.

The day 2 drop-off was much better. I could tell Tyler was feeling anxious, and looked like he was trying to hold back the tears. I reminded him about the sticker and lolly, and he whispered, “it’s so HARD”. My heart was breaking, but I simply reassured him that he COULD do it. And he did.

The new few days/weeks might be a bit bumpy, but I know we’ll get through. At least he is always happy to go each morning, and obviously perks up fairly quickly after I leave. I know he is enjoying himself during the day, which makes me feel better about things.

So, all in all, a pretty good start to the school year for 2010! They both love school, love their teachers, and have plenty of good friends to play with. I think it will be a great year for them!🙂

8 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. well done boys…
    and you know what they DO stop crying so quickly….. so far so good for all the newbies i have…and some of the older ones who had too much fun over the holidays… dont blame them for not wanting that to stop!!!

  2. That is hard when they cry isn’t it! I am willing to bet it won’t last long.

    I love their little uniforms, how handsome! And no fighting with them to get dressed, there is no choice. We have fights if there are no clean sweat pants….God forbid they have to wear jeans or khakis!

  3. They look very excited alright! Nearly breaks your heart when they cry and don’t want you to leave aye, Aaron always says he doesn’t want to go to school he wants to stay home with me, but I know he has a fantastic time there and is bubbling over with what he’s done during the day when I pick him up! Glad the reward chart has worked in the past … I didn’t have much success with that with Aaron!

  4. Well done to you all for coping…..always hard when they cry and you have to leave them like that but also its nice to know that he does have a good fun filled day. I might have to try the sticker and lolly thing with Steven who is not dealing with going to school and me leaving earlier on the days I have to work, sounds like a goo didea and hopefully it works….great that it works for Tyler. You should ask your boys to come and give mine lesson on how to pose for the camera and smile then it will all be done, Steven especially doesnt like his photo taken unless its with the tv or something like that…little does he know I can crop the photos lol. Great photos Hannah and hope next week drop offs at school go nice and smoothly for you.

  5. Sounds like they love school – I did too, especially that brand-new stationery in the flip top desks! Happy memories! Poor Tyler, although it sounds like he rallies pretty quickly once you have left. Hard to be brave sometimes…and hard for Mum too knowing that her boy is feeling a bit sad! Hope next week goes well.

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