Time with Tyler


Because Tyler is our second child, we never had that one-on-one time with him that we had with Ethan for the first 2 years and 4 months of his life.

And now, we have to make an effort to carve out individual time with each child. We do a pretty good job of that, but very rarely are both Rob and I able to spend quality time with just ONE child. Usually one of us takes one of the boys out, which is great, but today was different.

Ethan has gone to a friend’s 8th birthday party/sleepover. So from 2pm this afternoon until 10am tomorrow morning, it’s just Rob, Tyler and I. Just the 3 of us.

We decided to spend the whole afternoon hanging out together, doing fun stuff as a trio. Here’s what we got up to:

1. We had pancakes, ice cream and milkshakes from the Waffle Station. YUMMO.

2. Tyler visited Santa at the mall. They were taking photos, but we didn’t want a photo. Tyler just wanted to say “hello”, so he went and sat on Santa’s knee and had a really long chat (there was no queue).

3. We went to the library and got new books out for Tyler.

4. We went to the supermarket and shopped for ingredients to make a “special” dinner. Tyler chose what he wanted to eat: American hotdogs, with salad. Followed by banana splits for dessert (with strawberries as well).

5. We visited a fabulous playground we don’t go to very often (it’s at one of the neighbouring beaches). Tyler loves it because there is a HUGE rope climbing frame. In between playing, we sat on the park bench and ate chips & dip.

6. We went for a drive to show Tyler one of the houses Daddy used to live in before we got married.

7. Rob and Tyler played a little Playstation.

8. Tyler wanted to eat dinner on the living room floor, so he helped lay a cloth on the floor and set the “table” with cutlery and napkins. We drank out of plastic wine glasses and Tyler did the whole “cheers!” thing.

Now Tyler is asleep and Rob has gone out to the driving range with my Dad. I’m going to curl up on the couch with my polar fleece blanket, next to the beautifully-lit Christmas tree, and read my book.

It was lovely spending time with Tyler on his own. I knew Ethan would be having a ball at the party, so I wanted to make sure Tyler had a really memorable day as well. I know he had a great day (because he told me), but more importantly, I hope he will remember that we wanted to make him feel special. We told him how great it was to hang out with him on his own, and I could see the pride and happiness in his eyes. That’s the stuff memories are made of.


* Photography by Tony Gatman

12 thoughts on “Time with Tyler

  1. What a fun afternoon, its nice to be able to have that one on one time with the younger child, right from the word go they miss out on any one on one time. Great memories for Tyler to have

  2. Ah, bless, he’s so adorable and what a very precious time you had. My husband and I really work hard to include one on one time with our two daughter’s too and it’s very special for each of us. Often their lives are so full of having people in them – school, extra-curricular activities, home-life; that it’s like a breath of fresh air for them to have some space of their own, or one-on-one time with a parent. I’m sure Tyler will treasure the memories.

  3. that’s awesome, you guys are such great parents! It’s funny because all I’ve thought is trying to make sure Joshie gets enough time with us (albiet individually until Lucas is older), but I never even thought of Lucas never having had us to himself… definitely something I’ll strive for too so thanks!

  4. What a lovely post Hannah. I know that Tyler would have had a blast with a day like that (not to mention you and Rob as well). Hmmm, now I am craving Banana Splits with Chocolate sauce…

  5. That was a great day, I kinda wish I could have tagged along! Suddenly I find myself craving a good hot dog followed by a banana split, Tyler’s got great taste in treats!

    You have reminded me that we have been neglectful of spending quality time with each of our boys one on one. It is so important!

  6. First –> those are the cutest photos!

    We try to have time with all of them. I often take Lizzy on errands, because she likes to shop and is helpful. We’ll often go for Starbucks.

    Georgia gets everyday M-F with just me. I’m not so sure she likes it all that much. She lives for the weekends🙂

    Our girls often go to my mom and dad ranch on weekends. Sam stays home and gets time without the girls.

    We don’t often have a day full of special though! What a great idea.

  7. What a beautiful story and what gorgeous photos! I love how you really do make the effort to be present in your boys’ lives and how aware you are of making such wonderful memories with them and for them. You are the best and I sometimes wish you would adopt me! LOL! Hugs to you!!!

  8. What fab pics! one on one time with your second is so special – because they are born into an environment of sharing right from the start – sounds like you had the perfect day.

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