We Are Family

At the beginning of June, we spent the long weekend up in Whangarei.

We left after soccer on the Saturday, and arrived at lunchtime. That afternoon, Rob’s dad and his partner Jenni threw a little birthday party. You see, late May is a pretty busy month for family birthdays. Ethan turned 7 on the 27th, our niece Georgia turned 3 on the 28th, and our nephew Brock turned 3 on the 30th. Phew!

Here are the 3 guests of honour, each with their own cake:





Now, lest you all think I am a terrible mother who forgot to make her son a birthday cake and picked a cheap one up from Foodtown 20 minutes before the party … I must point out that I DID make Ethan a very cool truck cake for the birthday party he had with his school friends the previous weekend. And anyway, I didn’t buy the above cake from Foodtown 20 minutes before the party … Rob did.😉

On Sunday we went to the Wave Pool, and the boys had fun playing with their cousins Georgia, Brock and Amy. Everybody had at least one turn on the waterslide, even my pregnant SILs (Olivia is due in July and Jo is due in October). It was FUN. In fact, I was so busy having fun and taking various children down the waterslide, that I didn’t take ANY photos.😦

Later in the afternoon, we headed down to the Town Basin. They have ripped up the old playground and put a new one in. And it is WAY COOL. The boys loved all the interesting play equipment, particularly the big “spider web” (climbing ropes). Here, I DID take plenty of photos:









It was bitterly cold that day (I’m sure all you NZ’ers remember how cold Queen’s Birthday weekend was!) so after an hour or two of playing, we headed over to Gybe for hot chips and hot drinks, which we ate and drank next to the open fireplace. Mmmmm.

On Monday morning we visited family members (and checked out their recent home renovations). We also drove out to Parua Bay to check out their craft fair. It was a pretty small event, which was to be expected in such a small village. But the boys liked the sausage sizzle and really enjoyed having a turn with paintball guns! Again, I forgot to take photos. Bummed.

It was a really lovely & relaxing weekend, and the boys had such a good time seeing their grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. We hadn’t been up since Christmas, so it was great to see the family again (only Rob’s older brother and his family live near us; the rest of his family live in Whangarei).

We definitely won’t be waiting another 6 months to visit again. I, for one, am SO excited about meeting the new babies! Olivia knows she is having another girl, and we’ve all agreed it will be nice to even out the boy:girl ratio a little (it currently stands at 5 boys and 3 girls). Jo doesn’t know what she is having, but if she has a girl, it’ll be 5 for 5!🙂 Not having a girl of my own, my nieces are pretty special to me and I just love spending time with them.

I swear, Rob’s family are some of the nicest people in the world. His parents and step-parents are amazing. His brothers and sister (and their spouses) are wonderful. Their kids are fantastic (and totally cute). I feel so incredibly blessed to be part of this family!

17 thoughts on “We Are Family

  1. Sounded like you all had a blast Queens birthday weekend. I loved how all three of them had thier own cakes. The playground looked awesome. What a wonderful family time you all had.

  2. Awwwwww, I love your extended family and I don’t even know them!!! I feel quite bummed that we have nothing like that😦 I grew up with my cousins and those were some of my best childhood memories. It’s sad my kids won’t have that😦 It’s good that no one is too far away and these trips can be made. And the older they get the better it will be🙂

  3. What a magic weekend you guys had, especially the boys. They are so lucky to have extended family around their own age and reasonably close geographically so they can grow up together.

  4. Hee hee it is so weird to click on your blog and see my friends pop up and places I hang out at too – the town basin park is great now and moo loved all the slides !! Why is there a little hand grabbing my ankle under the table?? hee hee

    So glad you had a cool time and the family I know are pretty awesome and special!! and you are all blessed to be so close both family and locality wise🙂

    Oh and the cakes all look super yummy too xoxox

  5. That’s exactly how I feel about my in-laws too, it’s luck of the draw and it’s so wonderful.

    That playground looks fabulous! I love those new spongy tiles they are using, so soft. Although they sure do get hot in the sun. Glad you had such a good weekend, it looks just lovely!

  6. And they are blessed to have YOU! I had a laugh about your comment regarding the cake and Rob getting it from Food Town. I think it is neat that each guest of honor had their own cake! The photos of the kids are fabulous!

  7. You are so lucky to have in-laws that you enjoy being around!!

    And Ethan is looking so grown up and tan and….wow…grown up!

    I know how those close-together-birthdays are😉

  8. So you did the cake thing one weekend and Rob the next … and I’m sure that Ethan will remember both as special memories.

    Awesome looking pics in the playground – that triangular swing thing looks interesting.

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