Ethan’s Ribbons

Ethan belongs to the local Athletics Club, which runs every week from about October through to March (with a break over Christmas). This is his second season of Athletics, and it is his thing.

We discovered pretty early on that he is a FAST runner. He comes 1st, 2nd or 3rd in all his sprints, every week. There are probably about 25 boys in Ethan’s age grade (6 years). They run 100m, 75m and 60m, and they also compete in high jump and long jump (longer distances, discus and shotput are added as they get older).

Club Champs were held over the last 2 weeks. All the races were timed, and “official” ribbon ceremonies were held for every age grade, in every event. They even had a proper podium!

Ethan got a ribbon in EVERY one of his events:

60m – 3rd place
75m – 2nd place
100m – 3rd place
Long jump – 3rd place
High jump – 2nd place*

* He was SO close to getting 1st equal in high jump. He and another boy were the only 2 who progressed to the final height. Ethan hit the bar on his 1st and 2nd attempts, and was too scared/sore to take his 3rd jump. The other boy (who ended up getting the 1st place ribbon) missed all 3 of his, so Ethan would have got 1st equal just for attempting his 3rd jump.




Didn’t he do well? Not only that, he has a great attitude and displays good sportsmanship. Developing those things has taken time — at the beginning he used to get upset if he didn’t win every race — but we believe they are important. It’s one of the reasons we have encouraged him to be involved with sport all year round (he does Athletics in the summer and plays soccer in the winter).

I’m VERY proud of my boy. Not just because of his placings, but because he always tries his best and has fun, which is the most important thing.🙂

27 thoughts on “Ethan’s Ribbons

  1. Well done Etahn, that is so great. Well done Hannah and Rob for raising him in such a great way, you must be so proud of his achievements both athletically and personally.

  2. What an awesome job, Ethan! Love all the ribbons😉 I’m bummed we missed out with Kamryn this year. Must get in on time the end of the year. I’m not sure how much she would enjoy it but it’s worth a try, right??? And I agree, 1st place isn’t what it’s about. It’s the fun and sportsmanship😉

  3. Oh my goodness, what an awesome effort, Ethan!

    Did they give you a ribbon for your smile too? If not, then they should have 🙂

    Agree with you on the sportsmanship there, Hannah. And I don’t care what place my kids come, whether they win or lose, just that they are out there trying new stuff and having fun, interacting with a wide range of people – not sitting on their botties watching TV or playing computer games.

  4. well done Ethan and yeah learning that whole ‘winning/losing game’ is a tricky one so well done for getting them into sports early one….

  5. Well done Ethan, great to see you having so much fun with your sports. Hannah, he is developing so many skills with his sports, all those important things we take into adulthood such as teamwork, listening to others, negotiation etc. He’s a credit to both you and Rob, what great parents he has.

  6. Congratulations young man — wow – look at all those ribbons … woo hoo … go you!!!!

    Hannah, I can’t get over how much ‘E’ has changed in his photos over the last year … he’s growing up far too quickly!!

  7. That is so fantastic!! What a great way to keep him active and teach about sport and sportsmanship.
    I am sure this will be something that helps him throughout his whole life.
    Congrats Ethan!!

  8. Congratulations to Ethan for participating, being a good sport, and being gracious. I see many more ribbons and trophies in his future! Plus, he is too adorable – I’m sure he is well loved by his peers.

  9. Oh Way to Go Ethan!!! Well done! You look so very deservedly proud.

    Hey, can you tell I’m catching up on my comments😉 I’ve been reading the exploits but not having time to leave you some love, so now I have a spare 10 minutes, I’m enjoying a proper catch up.

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