Nut Farm

As I mentioned in my Hahei 2009 post, we went to a Macadamia Orchard whilst on holiday. We’ve been holidaying in Hahei for 7 years now, but hadn’t been to the orchard before.

One of the days dawned a little overcast and slightly cooler than normal, so we decided to check out the orchard in the morning (hoping that the sun would be shining in the afternoon so we could swim … and it was).

The orchard was really interesting. The German guy working there was kind enough to give us an impromptu tour and explain how the nuts are grown and harvested.

We also did a little sampling. Yum.🙂

We bought a bag of dark chocolate macadamias, which didn’t even last the 10 minute car trip back to the holiday house. We also got a packet of lemon & macadamia rub to put on fish or chicken before cooking. We tried it later in the week on some BBQ’d prawns – delish!

Here are a few photos from our trip to the Nut Farm (as Tyler liked to call it):


This is what the nuts look like on the tree:


And here’s what they look like once they’ve fallen off:



Aunty Leah, Tyler, Ethan & Rob searching for macadamias (Ethan was a bit cold, so he borrowed Rob’s shirt):


Checking out the chickens (this is the ONLY photo of me from our holiday … I was always behind the camera):


And I can’t help but share this one of Tyler, looking totally adorable:


17 thoughts on “Nut Farm

  1. It looks like a great outing. Our Lizzy has a severe nut allergy, so I rarely get to enjoy nuts and I can’t imagine that we’d tour a nut orchard.

    Tyler is TOTALLY adorable! Once again … I LOVE his hair!

  2. Wow! Those are some gorgeous photos, Hannah! I first thought your title was a comment about your house. Lol! I could definitely call my house that sometimes!

  3. Gorgeous photos…looks like loads of fun!

    Also wanna say I have chosen you for “one lovely blog” award
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    Smiles and sunshine coming your way.

  4. I think that this Nut Farm was on TV last night. The Mad Butcher helps out struggling businesses and I think that this was one of them.

  5. My goodness it looks so amazingly wonderful! I understand you can’t wait ’til next year…

    Also – check my blog… Consider yourself challenged!!

  6. I’m so glad you shared these pics! I was totally wondering what a “nut farm” looked like! I’ve never seen macadamia nuts growing on trees so I had no idea how big their shells were or anything. That picture of Tyler IS adorable! Love it! And you look great in that last picture (and so thin!).

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