Summer Holiday

Here’s where I will be spending the next week:



Tomorrow morning we head down to Hahei for our annual summer holiday. Every year we rent the same house with my parents and sister, and invite various friends to come and stay too. The house sleeps 13 people and we put a tent up on the back lawn, so there’s plenty of room.

I am daydreaming already … dreaming of long hot days … spending time with my family & friends … soaking up the sunshine (with sunblock on, of course) … reading & relaxing … walking, swimming, snorkelling, kayaking … no emails to check, no blogs to keep up with and (best of all) no work deadlines … YAY, I can’t wait!

See ya when I get back!

27 thoughts on “Summer Holiday

  1. Enjoy yourself Hannah….ITA that getting away from the daily grind of internet, tv and Auckland is well worth it!! Any room for another pup tent? lol just kidding!!

  2. Have a fantastic time Hannah! That looks like a fabulous place.

    We’ll be off to Hawaii this week too, have a drink with me virtually on Friday๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Have a wonderful time – wish it wasn’s such a long drive for us to get there…. definitely a spot worth visiting more than once in a lifetime!!

  4. Wow. Enjoy.
    Grace and I bundled up as warm as we could in long coats and mitts and scarves and hats to walk Adora to school this morning, but our ears and cheeks were still stinging and bright red when we got home. It was -25. and windy. I wish we could come on summer vacation with you!!!
    Have fun!

  5. Hey beautiful, those photos are just stunning and I wish for great weather and heaps of fun for you all – take care xoxox

  6. Oh my gosh that looks so good. Wish I could come.

    Yes it was Parachute. Had a great time and came home totally tired out. Just recovered and now back to work

    Hope you have a fab holiday


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