Poxed out

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that Tyler was sick. I thought he just had a cold, similar to the one I have right now.

Last night, when he was in the bath, we noticed a few spots on his back.
He didn’t sleep well during the night, and each time I went in to check on him, I noticed more spots.

Yep, he’s got chickenpox. Or chickenpops, as Tyler calls it.

I was 99% certain this morning, but took him to the Dr just to be sure. And to get a prescription for calamine lotion and Pine-Tarsal. Thankfully, he hasn’t complained of being itchy … yet. I will wait until he does before I crack open the calamine lotion, otherwise I can see it becoming a huge game: “Mummy, I’m itchy! I need more cream!”

Ethan shows no signs of having it yet, so I guess we’ll know for sure in 10-to-14-days. I’m not sure if I should send him back to school or not, as we won’t know if he’s got it until partway through that first week back …

There is one thing I’m a little concerned about. Rob hasn’t had chickenpox before. And as “they” say, it is usually much more severe in adults. Not only that, but his immune system is probably a bit weak after fighting that awful flu last month.

Yes, there is a vaccine available here in NZ, but it’s not free (nor is it part of the routine childhood vaccination schedule). It actually costs $50 for children and $75 for adults. We’ve discussed getting everyone (except me, because I had the pox when I was eight) vaccinated, but the cost was enough to convince my cheap frugal husband to completely veto the idea. Besides, we’d avoided it for so long already, in spite of numerous outbreaks at daycare, preschool and Kindy.

Ah, hindsight. A beautiful thing.

Anyway, the vaccine issue is now moot. It’s too late. Rob has already been coughed over and sneezed on (before we realised what it was).

So now we play the waiting game.

(And I play nurse).

Hooray for a huge backlog of sick leave!

34 thoughts on “Poxed out

  1. You poor thing (and Tyler of course!!). I got chickenpox when I was 30, and it sucked. It definitely takes you longer to bounce back from it if you get it later, I’m hoping Joshie doesn’t catch it as it’s doing the rounds as you know! hugsx

  2. Ok as an Adult who had chicken pox I can tell you it is hard … it hits you for a 6!!!! As for the itching … it is intense … (I had them in my mouth and ears … etc) so I know what I mean … and can I tell you the Pine-tar-sal is great … I even used it to wash my hair. As for the itching I used ALPHA KERI lotion as it soothed the itches better than Calamine lotion, and I also found the Calamine dried out the scabs to the point that it was dry on top and wet underneath … (this made it itch EVEN more!!!!) I also found these ones left scars … so I can wholeheartedly recommend Alpha Keri over other options … I wish you all the best with this … I myself never got this as a kid …. but as a beginning teacher it hit me like a ton of bricks … then I gave it to my flatmate!!!!! (He was not happy!!!!) So good luck nurse …

  3. OH NO! My girls had it two years ago. I imagine Ethan will get it, my three (Sienna was still in the tummy), sure did, one after the other…Kyla was only a few days behind Madi, so you mght know sooner than you think.

    I hope Rob doesn’t get it too…!

  4. Oh no sorry to hear this Hannah. Hope Tyler bounces back quickly. The interesting thing was yesterday at lunch mandy and I talked about chicken pox as she had this as an adult. Hope Rob doesn’t get this. Hang in there Hannah. Liked your summer layout too and I hear you on dreaming of summer I am over the wet weather and feeling the cold.

  5. Oh, and my doc refused to give me calamine lotion, saying that it has been proven to make scarring worse. He recommended some vitamin E cream instead. Just a thought. We used pinetarsol though…man, does that stuff stink!

  6. I won’t say “poor you” LOL I’m doing the chicken pox thing at the moment too! Madelynn came home with it 2 weeks ago and Aidan and Carys now have them and boy are they much worse than what Madelynn came down with. What makes it more insane here is that fact that Madelynn is just recovering from the stomach flu, Carys has infections in both ears and a cold and Aidan….well we’ll just wait and see. Man I just love parenthood!

  7. Oh No!

    The vaccine is covered by Canada medical, and I wondered if I should get the kids vaccinated, but everyone else did.

    I got them vaccinated so that they would not be in Rob’s position🙂

    Hope he doesn’t get it!!

  8. I’m hoping for the best for all you Blairs! Especially Rob at the moment! I remember getting them as a kid and they were not comfortable at all. I knew people who would find out someone had them and send their kids to their houses so their kids would just get the pox and get it over with. It sounds funny now but maybe that wasn’t such bad thinking after all.

  9. On the bright side Hannah, at least it isn’t over the heat of summer, that humidity makes the itching so much worse. And you can throw a bit of baking soda in the bath if the smell of pinetarsol gets a bit much as that helps with the itching as well. Along with the rest of the ladies am hoping Rob doesn’t get it…

  10. Oh no! It seems everyone I know has it. I’m sure my girls will get it too since Michelle’s kids had it. So we could be missing the first week of school altogether lol. However, it will be good for them to have it and be done with it! Here’s hoping Rob doesn’t get it……

  11. Oh no on Rob! Both Jay and I have had them but Jack is not vacinated… Kamden is… rules changed. I had though Jack would have had them by now but he hasn’t even been exposed to my knowledge… now I am wondering if we should’t get him done.

    I hope Tyler manages okay, when I had them as a kid it wasn’t that bad.

    Here’s hoping Rob doesn’t get them!

  12. Oh dear … that’s something we haven’t had here! Apparently they vacinate for chickenpox. Something to look forward to later on I guess. Hope you manage to survie it all! Fingers crossed Rob doesn’t get it too.

  13. well Rob hasnt got it for this long..maybe his immune system is great? Heres hoping! My Doctor and chemist recommended an anti histamine and not calamine lotion at all.

  14. So sorry to hear that poor Tyler has the chickenpox, thats a bit of a school holiday nightmare! I don’t have any words of wisdom, we havn’t had it :0 I will be thinking a bit more seriously about getting everyone vaccinated though, I keep forgetting about it when we are at the doctors, and we don’t need to go that often nowadays.

  15. Chicken pops in your house huh – not flash at all, especially on top of man flu’s and stuff.

    Well now you have to play nurse and doctor as well as Mum and everything else. Good luck buddy.

  16. Fingers crossed that Rob & Ethan don’t get it too. I’ll have to look at getting my kiddos vaccinated as they both have eczema and its even more itchy for eczema kids.

  17. No fun Hannah – I am so sorry…I still remember chicken pox from when I was a child – no fun! Sometimes adults have been exposed to it and didn’t know it because it is possible to have just a few pocks and not really notice – hoping that is the case with Rob…I am impressed with your positive attitude…will be thinking of you and hoping it goes as smoothly as it all can..

  18. I had them as an adult – actually I didn’t do too badly really. But whoa those things itch!!!!

    I drank that Aloe vera stuff – don’t know if it reduced the severity but I only was sickish for 3 days.

    Hang in there!

  19. Am I still welcome here?

    Of course so!

    I don’t have you in my blogroll cause with this new worpress layout, I can’t figure out how to edit my blogroll LOL … and I forget to visit people that aren’t in my blogroll, shame on me.

    I have not had chicken pox either yet thank God but, I haven’t been vaccinated for them and don’t want to get them. No thank you! Hope you are all feeling better soon! I don’t want Rob to get them.

  20. Oh no, that sucks, but better Tyler gets it now and over and done with, glad he isn’t too itchy, that is great news🙂

    Fingers crossed for Rob and Ethan – um yep it can be quite nasty for adults, sorry Rob😦
    Betcha those mummy cuddles go a long way to making things better, and don’t worry there aren’t too many of us who have escaped at least one chicken pox scar – hmmm I feel a spotty layout coming on🙂

    Take care of you tho as well okay and (((HUGS))) to you all.

  21. Ohhh Hannah your family has had a run of poor health you poor thing … back on with the nurse’s hat.
    And yes its very true that its worse as an adult, I was almost one when I got it at 17 from my darling nephew (thats ok, his younger brother gave me mumps for my 21st, lovely huh) and believe me, the bath became my best friend lol and aloe vera, lots of aloe vera.
    Good luck Hannah and tell Rob he has my sympathy. And poor wee Tyler.

  22. Bingo, certain I have them here too as my wee Mark has spots but he’s taking off the tops scratching. My other 5 children have had them, 3 as teenagers (they were really sick) and 2 about six and they weren’t too bad.

  23. Poor thing!! All three of my kids had it over Christmas and New Years (starting with Luke on Christmas Day of all days!) I was told that Calamine Lotion is great intiallly, but once it’s dry it’s not too good (causes more itching). Try that ‘Soov’ antiseptic pump spray stuff – works a treat!

  24. Ohhhh. have fun….

    Justin had chicken pox at 4 months old. SUCKED. But at least he couldn’t whine yet… Hope it passes with low fevers and no scars.

  25. Oh NO! Good luck! Luckily they offer the chicken pox vaccine here with all the other shots the kids get. My oldest did have the pox only because he was here before they offered it. I have the cutest pics of him running naked and spotted through the yard with a big smile on his face. He was only 1. I hope you manage to survive with your sanity intact.

  26. My wasband got chickenpops in his 30’s. He was so sick. His temperature got almost to 105 degrees. Just as I was about to call an ambulance his temp slowly started to go back down. It was scary. for a while. I guess it can be a lot worse when you get them as an adult. Both my kids had them without any problems, my poor daughter getting them Christmas night and having them on her birthday, New Year’s Eve.

    Keep strong and hang in there.

  27. Oh Hannah, not a fun school holiday experience at all, your poor wee man. I got them at 16 and they were EVERYWHERE!! The practice nurse actually laughed about it – which didn’t go down too well with teenage me. I managed to get a lot of 6th Form Certificatte assessments completed though ’cause I couldn’t sleep – the itching drove me nuts! Devin had them when he was 4 and seemed to cope better with it then I did, so I think it probably is worse the older you get.

  28. Oh I hope Rob wont get it and that Tyler wont suffer too much and that it will pass quickly!
    Thinking of you all and sending blessings
    *hugs* to the nurse, look after yourself too dear!

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