Little Guy

My Little Guy is now 6 (SIX!) years old. I can’t believe it! It seems like only yesterday he was starting school.

Last night we had a family dinner at my parents’ place, a combined birthday dinner for Ethan and my sister. Despite Mum, Dad and Tyler all being sick, we had such a fun evening. I think the highlight of the night was playing Chinese Whispers around the dinner table – we were all in hysterics and the boys just loved it!

Last night Ethan opened his presents from Nana & Grandad. He got The Bee Movie on DVD, his very first “chapter book” (Nim’s Island), a colouring book, and this:

Mum made him this VERY special Treasure Box. Ethan just loves collecting and keeping little “treasures” and at the moment he has most of them in shoeboxes. Mum wanted to make him a special box for his most precious things.
Ethan loved it so much, and I was really touched by his response. He said “I really love it all. I love it very much. I will keep this forever and ever”. I saw tears glistening in his eyes, and asked him if he was crying. He said “I’m happy crying”.
Needless to say, I had tears glistening in my own eyes after that.

He received Junior Scrabble, felts and a book from Aunty Leah – absolutely perfect gifts for him.

One thing that I LOVED this year was hearing Ethan read aloud from his birthday cards:

“To Ethan, You are a very special boy and we hope you have a very special 6th birthday. We are very proud of you. We love you. Love from Nana & Grandad xxxxxx.”
“Dear Ethan, I hope you have a very, very happy birthday! Yay, 6 years old!! I love you lots. Love from Aunty Leah xox.”

Then this morning, he read our card aloud:

“Ethan, Happy Birthday number 6! We love you sooo much little guy. Have a great day. Daddy xxOo.”
“Little Guy, I love you more than you know, and I’m so very proud of you. Lots of love, Mummy xox.”

He read each one word perfect. My heart was welling up with pride as I listened to him read, and as I watched him open his gifts with so much gratitude in his heart.

We actually had to wake Ethan up this morning, because Rob wanted to say “Happy Birthday” and watch him open his present before going to work. We sang to him and put the present on his chest, but he still didn’t wake up! He was soooo sleepy, but eventually he stirred and realised it was his birthday! He loved his present, but most of all, he was excited about ordering his lunch at school today!
For both Rob and I, getting a lunch order at school was a really special treat. In Rob’s family, they were only allowed to order their lunch on their birthdays, and we decided to carry on that tradition. So today he is getting:

*American hot dog with cheese & sauce
*Cookie Time cookie
*Milk with a chocolate Sippah straw

This afternoon I am taking some cake into Ethan’s class for his classmates to share. Only SpongeBob’s pants & shirt got eaten at the party, so Ethan’s class will get to eat his body!

And tonight Ethan has requested pancakes for tea.๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Birthday, little guy!
You are amazing and I’m so proud to be your Mummy. You are sweet, kind and absolutely delightful. I love watching you grow, and I’m proud to see the way you are maturing into a totally awesome little boy.
I love you SO much! Mummy xox

27 thoughts on “Little Guy

  1. LOL, sounds like Ethan is having one of Janine’s birthday weeks. Good on him!

    The treasure box is a fantastic idea. In fact, the weekly tip I get emailed to me from Ian & Mary Grant’s parenting site was about exactly that today. Freaky eh?

    Sounds like he is going great guns with his reading, so great timing GPs with the chapter book. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi – thanks for visiting my blog – have to confess to reading yours and not leaving comments too!! Love the b/d party ideas and the fire … yeah such a boy thing! ๐Ÿ™‚ Very cool. You have beautiful kids๐Ÿ™‚

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ETHAN! Wow, 6, the years are flying by lol. I think it’s so cool that he can read his cards, we are getting there with Kamryn and are spelling many things out that we don’t want her to hear lol. How long before she will know those??? LOVE your mom’s box! Did she just pick it up at Spotlight? Fabulous idea!

  4. Oh – pancakes for tea! Good choice Mr 6!! Happy birthday๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh yes, “Ordering” was a special treat in our house too. It still is๐Ÿ˜‰

    Did you know that Psalm 89 is a psalm by an Ethan? I thought that was pretty cool.

  5. Wow! Hannah – he is just the most handsome of boys with his big brown eyes and cutest of smiles. I can soooo see your eyes twinkling with a happy tear of your own listening to how grateful and happy he was. You are truly blessed. Oh, and that box from your mom was fantastic! What child WOULDN’T want their own special personalized treasure box? She did a tremendous job on that box. I see where you get your talent from now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lovely post Hannah and what a wonderful start to Ethan’s birthday. What lovely presents and lunch sounded yummy. Happy Birthday Ethan.

  7. Hope he enjoyed his bought I bet he did!!!
    That treasure box is just delightful and Im sure he will treasure it for a long long time.
    You almost made me cry with that post it was so sweet!!

  8. Oh the love, I am all sappy inside!
    That box, I love it too! I am totally inspired to create something like this for my kids, maybe for their birthdays.

  9. I cannot believe he is SIX!!

    I love the treasure box and all of the photos!

    Happy birthday, Ethan!

    (PS – Sorry I’ve been absent. Life has bit me in the hiney :))

  10. Gotta admit Hannah, my eyes were glistening when I read your post. What a special young man you have there. Happy Birthday Ethan, and great choice on the pancakes for dinner!

  11. Happy birthday to Ethan. Love the treasure box and his reaction to it – so sweet. I was just explaining to my kids yesterday that when I was growing up we got to buy school lunches only on our birthday – and they could do that too. Rebekah very quickly worked out that her birthday was in the holidays and that idea wasn’t a good one for her!

  12. Ethan …

    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday wee man
    happy birthday to you

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday today. Hope you lunch treat today was awesome.

  13. What a cool birthday and a very special treasure box – well done Nana. Love the idea of buying lunch only on birthdays so hope that he really enjoyed it.

  14. Oh Hannah, I have been so busy that I have missed so many posts! I have to go back.

    First, this one though….

    I am wiping tears. Your pride for you son shines through and it is simply…. beautiful.

    He is very lucky to have such a wonderful Mom and I am sure that is half the reason he is such a wonderful boy.

    Happy birthday Ethan!

  15. I am lovin that treasure box – so precious – and priceless – it sounds like he loves it too! So sweet!๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I love the treasure box and your son’s response to it. I almost cried myself to see a little boy be so appreciative. It sounded like you all had a wonderful day.

  17. I know that “Bustin’ your buttons w/ pride” w/ the reading thing!
    Happy B-day to your little guy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love the box your mom made and your cake was perfect, I think the nose was just fine! LOL

  18. Aw shucks!!!! Man he looks just soooo handsome in that last photo! I have never enjoyed making something for someone as much as I did with that box!! Ethan I totally adore you – but you know that already my little genius!
    Christi, I got the box for $5 from the red store!!! Just to give away my secret!
    Thanks for all the lovely comments about it. Janet and Nana

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