Today Ethan had his very first end-of-year prizegiving. And words cannot express how amazingly proud I am of my boy! :: He won the award in his class for Effort & Achievement!

In each class of approximately 25 kids, 3 certificates are given: one Academic award, one Effort & Achievement award, and one Citizenship award. So it’s a HUGE deal for him to get one!

Last week, Ethan’s teacher told me he would be getting a certificate at the prizegiving. She said it would be an Academic or an Effort & Achievement award, but she hadn’t decided which one. The fact he was in the running for both made me even prouder!

This morning I went along to the prizegiving with Mum, and Rob came for the first bit to see Ethan get his award.

Sorry about the crappy photos – it’s impossible to get good photos in that school hall, especially from the back. And it probably doesn’t help when the camera is on the wrong setting! I didn’t have time to change it; Ethan’s class was first up (and I wasn’t expecting that).😉

Ethan getting his certificate from his awesome teacher:

Ethan with the other 2 boys in his class who received awards. Ethan is the one closest to the Christmas tree. Great facial expressions, huh? ALL the photos I took show somebody pulling a funny face. Sigh.

Don’t ya just love the bare feet? LOL!😀
I simply cannot keep shoes on the boy. They come off his feet the second he gets in the door of his classroom. I asked him to keep them on today, knowing he would be going up on stage to receive an award from the Principal!! But obviously my request fell on deaf ears.
Funnily enough, the Deputy Principal actually made a comment about feet and footwear during the prizegiving. She said that now the kids are all in uniform, she looks at their feet to get some idea of their personality. She notices if they have bare feet, gumboots, jandals, sneakers, etc. And she said she LOVES to see the diversity. So I breathed a wee sigh of relief to know that typical “Kiwi kid” bare feet are still acceptable at his school. Because quite frankly, it wouldn’t be right to grow up in New Zealand without being allowed to run around barefoot.😉

I am just SO unbelievably proud of my little guy!

He loves school so much, which makes me really happy. The fact that he is doing so well is just the icing on the cake, really. I still can’t believe that he’s reading at level 14, which is the equivalent of a 6.5-year-old! It’s so awesome to listen to him read books and write his little stories. He has grown SO much over the last 6 months, more than I ever imagined he would. I love that school is such a positive part of his life!

One Proud Mumma, signing off.

23 thoughts on “Prizegiving

  1. OMG WTG Ethan!!

    How awesome! The funny thing is the first thing I noticed about the pics was the barefeet … because it is unheard of here. They have to keep shoes on, but my boys hate them too … take after momma I guess😉

  2. Oh, that is sooooo excitiing. Hannah, your heart must be just about busting at the seams about now. How cute is he to top it all off? I love the idea of being able to grow up barefoot. Wish my climate was like that but oh well. No wonder you were so happy last night! I can totally understand that now. 😉 Hugs to you and to Ethan too, of course!

  3. I can totally understand you feeling proud Hannah:) It is definitely a BIG thing to receive such a wonderful award! Well done to Ethan and he is looking very grown up in his uniform!! Love that they had a Christmas tree on the stage … super cute:)

  4. How exciting for you and Rob and for Ethan! It’s so lovely to have his achievement recognized by his teacher.

    These kids are such a gift aren’t they? Each new stage is so much fun.

    I was wondering about the bare feet… here they would never be allowed to go barefoot. Of course it’s 40 below for most of the year so I don’t think many would want to!

  5. How wonderful for the award!
    The first thing I noticed too was the bare feet. I’m sure having that freedom makes learning better. I hope he always has that freedom.

  6. GO Ethan!!! Fantastic achievement! And go Mamma and Dad, you guys are doing such an awesome job with the boys!
    The bare feet thing is funny, I see so many kids barefoot and it cracks me up. We are so lucky to have a community in NZ that allows our kids the freedom. Tobyn hates being barefoot outside, maybe the 2 years in American schools. Isaac on the other hand, who is actually a little American LOVES being bare foot, LOL.
    Contiune being a proud Momma today Hannah, you deserve it.

  7. It’s so wonderful to see you feeling so proud Hannah! Isn’t it a glorious feeling to see our kids doing so well ‘out in the world’. The photos are adorable because of the facial expressions, barefeet, teachers bright green sandals and all.
    You go awesome Mum and son!!!

  8. You SHOULD be proud! He seems like a perfectly wonderful little man:)

    Graham is also a barefoot guy. As soon as he gets in the door he takes off his shoes AND socks:)

  9. I’ve never heard of primary schools or any schools allowing kids to walk around barefoot. You live in New Zealand?

    good job ethan

    • In South Africa,80% of primary schools are barefoot schools,where kids attend school barefoot.When I was at primary school,WE WERE FORBIDDEN TO WEAR SHOES AT OR TO SCHOOL,we HAD to attend school bare feet.

  10. Wowser … yep, one proud Mum [and it goes without saying … Dad as well – lol] … and you have every right to be proud Hannah … awesome … can see a layout coming up … you will have to share!!!

  11. Woohoo, Ethan!! What a star! He looks adorable in his uniform (I love the colours!) and barefeet – whats a kiwi summer without barefeet??!

  12. AWWW what a nice post, and how great that Ethan is loving school so much!
    What a great teacher and I love her comment…
    I love the uniforms too; those big shorts are such a hoot on the little guys!
    Congratulations to him AND to his proud parents!

  13. Congratulations Ethan – that is a HUGE deal getting an award at prizegiving. My daughter had to wait until Year 8 to get one of the “big” awards and she was stoked (so was I).

  14. Congradulations on the reward! That is something to be very proud of. It’s great to see Ethan enoying school so much. When someone really likes something, they do much better at it. Ehtan look admirable in his uniform and bare feet. After all- what’s childhood without the joy of going barefoot?

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