Another Jack

The deadline is looming over at Jack Me Up. This time I was excited to have the opportunity to “hijack” a gorgeous layout done by my scrapping buddy Ann. I especially loved the circle concept on her page, as well as the title placement.

Here’s my take on it:

This photo was taken about 3 months ago, the same day I wrote this post, which formed the basis for my hidden journalling (behind the photo).

Ethan’s cute “gappy smile” didn’t last long, so I’m glad I took this photo! He now has an adult tooth where the gap was. :-) 
However, the tooth next door is extremely wiggly … so wiggly that when he moves it forward I can actually see the hole underneath! It must only be hanging on by a thread, but he refuses to let us pull it out. It’s not making him miserable (this time), but he’s not eating many apples at the moment.😉

16 thoughts on “Another Jack

  1. cute frogs Hannah and I love the colours. My eyes are drawn to the circle! well done on getting the challenge done. Great way to record that first loose tooth story.

  2. What a great layout – I love the dimension the chipboard letters give to the page – you never cease to amaze me! One of my twin girls just lost her top left tooth – they just grow up too fast!🙂

    Hope you are enjoying your beautiful fall weather – I think it would be kind of fun to have the weather seasons you all have in your part of the world!🙂

    Likewise!! I would love to experience Christmas in winter, Summer in July, etc! One day we’ll get up to the Northen Hemisphere for Christmas, I promised myself that when I was just a teenager!

  3. He’s adorable and I feel that I’m getting to watch him grow up on here. Thanks for sharing with us, Hannah. Your layout is beautiful as usual. I really had never heard of hidden journaling. Maybe you can fill me in on what that is all about.

    Sometimes the journalling is too long to fit on a page (the hidden journalling for this one was almost 2 A4 pages!!), too personal for just anybody to read, or you just want to focus on the photo but still want to write about it. Hidden journalling is a great way of doing that. Some people I know put hidden journalling on the BACK of their layout … I haven’t tried that, but it’s a great idea.

  4. Love this layout Hannah! Very cute!! I am going to try and get another shot of our toothless wonder today in the hopes I might work on it tomorrow!!
    FYI – our Mr 6 lost that exact same tooth!😆

  5. Love, LOVE, LOVE this layout!!! Cool frogs! Did you buy those like that or make them from scratch?

    I cut them out of a sheet of Basic Grey patterned paper, and then applied Dimensional Magic to the “spots” to make them stand out.

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