My baby is 3!

Tyler is 3 years old today!

We had his party yesterday, so we actually pretended it was his birthday yesterday. I think we did that for Ethan’s 4th birthday as well. So much easier than trying to explain why the party is on a different day!🙂

Part of our present to Tyler was a little IgglePiggle doll. I know, I know … if we hate the show that much why are we encouraging him? I can’t really answer that! I saw the toy and just HAD to get it for him, I knew he would love it! And he did, as you can see from this photo.

We had Tyler’s party yesterday afternoon at Mum & Dad’s place. Fortunately the weather held out long enough for Rob to do a Treasure Hunt with the kids. Here’s the treasure they found at the end.

Tyler wanted a Zebra cake this year. But as the chief cake baker, I wasn’t too keen on that idea. So I convinced him to have a Zoo cake instead, which he loved. Here it is:

He was SO excited when everybody was singing “Happy Birthday” – he was licking his lips the whole time, waiting for his “moment”. And when it arrived, he blew out his 3 candles in one go.🙂 Can you believe he didn’t eat ANY cake? I love this photo though, it’s so classic!

I can’t quite believe that my “bubby” is 3 years old. It’s strange, because in so many ways he seems older than that. He prefers to play with older children, he’s really tall for his age, and he talks as well as a 4-year-old. But his lack of progress in the toilet training department is a pretty constant reminder that he actually IS his age! LOL😉

Happy Birthday, Ty. You’re a constant source of joy and delight in my life, and I love you to bits!! xox

26 thoughts on “My baby is 3!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tyler. I had a huge grin on my face from the very first photo! He is obviously an absolute delight. Iggle piggle, how could you, LOL. We saw them in Whitcoulls on Firday and Steve said ‘that would give me nightmares’ but Isaac loved it. I might get him the train, is it the pinky ponk?
    As for the photo of him licking his lips…A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!

    Yes, I think Pinky Ponk is right … I get confused with all the weird names!

  2. Happy Birthday Tyler! Love seeing birthday pics. The cake looks fab – what a clever cake maker you are Hannah. Funny about Iggle Piggle – I saw the toys and started thinking about which one Jessi would like – probably the girl one with the flower skirt…

    That one’s Upsy Daisy🙂 Tyler got her too (from Mum & Dad).

  3. Happy Birthday to Tyler!
    What a cutie!
    They are SO great at that age; SO enthusiastic and fun!
    Wow looks like you went all out…I love the treasure chest and cake too! Bet they did too!
    I love the sheriff badge; was that a present?

    Yes, the badge was a present. He’s still *obsessed* with Buzz Lightyear and Woody the Cowboy, and loves to dress as a cowboy! I saw the badge at the $2 store and couldn’t resist!

  4. I saw that it was his birthday coming up, (in your signature at SE), looks like he had a great day, love the look on his face in the cake photo. I’m pleased my kids are past that stage of wanting TV character toys …… oh, no, hang on, what did they buy yesterday with their money, Ben 10 toys, you can’t get away from it!

  5. Happy BIrthday Tyler. Wow Hannah that cake looks awesome. I so love that photo of the both of you and the cake, had a wee giggle about the cake blowing. That first photo is fab and I found msyelf wanting to give him cuddles he is so cute. Glad the party went well.

  6. SO precious Hannah! Love the photos and the cake is amazing!! I laughed when you called him your bubby – my youngest is 2 and he turns three in Feb. He says buddy – “Bubby” so I call him my little bubby too!

    Happy birthday to the little guy!

    It’s funny how his nickname has stuck … we started calling him that when he WAS a baby. I think he’ll always be “bubby” in our family.

  7. He is adorable. Wow. I forgot he is only three – you are right – he is tall for his age. He will grow into it though. How come he didn’t have any cake? Did he not want to ruin the little zoo? You did a great job with the cake, Hannah. You are very talented and it was sweet of you to get him a toy you knew HE’D love even though it can drive YOU crazy. LOL. Only a cool mom would do that.

    He didn’t mind when I “broke” the zoo. I think he’d just had enough party food already, and wanted to run around and play instead of sitting down to eat!!😀

  8. LOL Love the tongue poking out in that birthday cake pic!
    Thanks for your comment on my COKE layout for Neen’s challenge.

    Happy scrapping

  9. Happy birthday, Tyler!

    Wow, that’s come around soooooooo fast!!! The cake looks yummy, Hannah😉 Yes, it’s completely bittersweet especially since he is your last😦 But he looks so grown up here!

  10. What a cutie! I love the cake and the picture of him waiting to blow out the candles. Pure joy!

    Way to go on the cake Hannah. THAT is awesome!

    Happy Birthdy to Tyler🙂

  11. Happy Birthday Tyler!

    I can so relate to the “is he really 3?” thing … in fact all of your descriptions – including the toileting could be said of my Mr 3😆 Keep enjoying your “baby” … as long as they let you🙂

    I will, Kelly. He’ll always be my “baby”, no matter how big he gets!

  12. Awww so cute and it looks like the birthday boy had a great day. That last photo is priceless … and i’d be drooling over that cake too!

    We haven’t started toilet-training here – I don’t think my Mr 22mths is ready yet. When did you start with Tyler?

    We are only “casually” training him, he refuses to poo on the toilet and would happily wear a dirty nappy for hours without a complaint! Makes it hard, but he’ll get there. Ethan was 3 years 4 months before he was ready, and then it only took 5 days!🙂

  13. Oh that photo of him licking his lips is just too adorable Hannah! And what a fabulous cake you made for your big baby boy! Trust me there are still times when I look at my 17 year old baby and can’t get over how fast time has passed. It wasn’t that long ago when he put his chubby little arms around my neck instead now I feel his lean strong arms and him looking down on me when he gives me a quick squeeze…
    Thanks also for the hug and wishing me well Hannah!!
    Oh yes and big congrats on your fabulous placing in the SE comp!!!

  14. Happy Birthday Tyler!

    Hannah, that cake is wonderful, you are so talented! Judy has a birthday comming up and I’m wondering what kind of cake to make for her.

    I was sorry to here about your Mum’s car I hope all is well with it now that it is back in her hands. I was glad you had a good time regardless of the mishaps.

    I loved the bear in the fridge story, so cute.

  15. AWESOME pics of the birthday boy [and his Mum] … look forward to seeing the layouts as well.

    And happy birthday to the young man …

    Happy birthday Tyler.

    Before I forget … the birthday cake is pretty impressive.

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