Missing my man …

Rob has gone snowboarding for a few days, and I miss him!!

We really haven’t spent that much time apart since we got married, so I really miss him when he’s not here. I know some couples need/want plenty of time apart, but we are not one of those couples! We simply enjoy spending our time together.

As much as I really enjoy “me” time, girls-only shopping sprees and girly nights out every now and then, I would still choose my husband as the person I would prefer to hang out with on a Saturday night.

I’m excited that he is coming home tonight. It will be late when he gets home, but I will wait up for him. I don’t sleep very well when I’m on my own. When I went to Canada for 12 days last year, I slept terribly. Despite having a HUGE comfortable King-sized bed, beautiful linen, soft pillows, blackout curtains and air-con in my flashy hotel room, I found it hard to sleep. A small part of it was probably jet-lag – not feeling tired at night because my body clock was out of whack. But mostly, I was just missing my man!

Sorry if this sounds ridiculous to those of you whose partners are often away on business for extended periods. I’m sure it seems a bit OTT for me to be missing Rob so much after such a short time apart. I’m just thankful that I don’t have to do this very often … I really doubt I could handle it!

27 thoughts on “Missing my man …

  1. I am the same way, Hannah. I sleep terribly when Hugh isn’t around. I’m not sure how my long time away from him will go but it’s just good I will have the girls with me. So tonight you’ll be able to sleep just fine😉

  2. I think it is nice that you miss him. I don’t really miss my beloved when I am away (which used to be reasonably often back when I was employed) but I do when he goes (which is hardly ever). I think it is because I expect to see him at home whereas I don’t when I am out of the home environment. Best of both worlds is when we go away together :)

  3. I’m in the other camp – I enjoy a little bit of time to myself here and there. It comes so infrequently that I make sure I do enjoy it.
    But I think it’s neat that you enjoy Rob’s company as much as you do – it’s always nice to hear about couples that really do enjoy each other’s company.:)

  4. Snap! I feel exactly the same about my hubby. He is planning a fishing trip at the moment and is very excited – I on the other hand are dreading it.
    I even count down the hours til he’s home….do you do that too! LOL

  5. Awww. That is so sweet. Absence makes the heart grow fonder as they say, right? I can borrow a hot little nightie from my sister if you think you’d like to use it tonight Hannah! LOL

  6. I think it VERY sweet that you miss him; I feel the same way when H and I are apart!
    I don’t think the couples who HAVE to spend time apart are admirable, as why did they choose each other if they didn’t want to be together!

  7. My hubby and I are the same way. We need to be together. Thankfully he NEVER has to go away and I only have to a couple times a year.

    Enjoy the homecoming:-)

  8. I totally understand Hannah. After 14 years of being together I now don’t dread the times he goes away, that is until bed time! I always stay up way later and my sleep is so broken, by the time he gets home I am so exhausted. And boy is it nice to have him next to me again! Enjoy having him back!

  9. I would feel exactly the same way if Craig decided to go away. Lucky his interests and work don’t need him too. We too are joined at the hip as a couple:) hehe

  10. have to say I can totally understand. Hence why I flew up to Hamilton rather than add four extra days onto my trip. ( I could have gotten a ride but it was going to take two days each side tacked onto a week). Loved that you are going to stay up for him.

  11. Know exactly where you are coming from Hannah – we’ve been a couple for ever [well it seems like that sometimes – said in the nicest possible way] … I still hate the being by myself at night when it happens …

    Good on you for waiting up tonight.

  12. I’m like you Hannah, although Rainer is away a bit more often than your man I still dont like it one bit. Nor does he. Hehe and I stay up until the middle of the night , if that’s when he gets home and then my world just feels complete again. Hope you had a wonderful ‘reunion’:)

  13. Leo is away at night often because thats when he is allowed to switch telecoms cells off – and I cant sleep! My bed seems huge and cold, I let the kids sleep with me! We have done the ‘time apart’ stuff like I wouldn’t go hunting with Leo anymore than he would come to SENZ – lol – but we do everything else together and we love it! When I went to Sydney last year it was felt wrong being there without him.
    I hope Rob enjoyed the snow though!!

  14. Honestly, when I have the bed to myself, I sleep so well. I’m not gonna lie. But I feel the same way. At least for me when the wife is away my immediate thought is, “This is gonna be great!” And then half a day later I wish I could just go to wherever she was. *nod*

  15. I’m exactly the same. My hubby has only been away from me once – 4 days on a course. I should have slept better than usual because he is a snorer, but I didn’t because I missed him.

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