Cross Country

I just got back from Ethan’s first Cross Country!
It was supposed to be last Friday, but it was postponed because of the awful weather. What a great decision — today is a beautiful day here, just perfect weather for it.

Ethan has been So. Very. Excited. since they started “training” for it 3-4 weeks ago. He’s been counting down the days, and was quite disappointed about it being postponed. This morning he was jumping up and down with excitement, and was a little put out when he arrived at school and realised they wouldn’t be running until after lunch!

Rob and I both took time out of our workday to go and watch Ethan run. It was the cutest thing to watch all the Year 0/1 kids! They started off doing their jumping jacks to warm up, and they looked so cute! The girls raced first, and then the boys.
Ethan’s face lit up when he saw us. A couple of times during the race I saw him start to slow down a little, but then he would look up and see me (or more likely Rob, who’d climbed to the top of the fireman’s pole for a better view) and he would smile and pick up his pace again.

He finished somewhere in the back half of the pack. He’s not the fastest runner in the world, but what made me proud was how he tried his best and how much he was looking forward to it. He’s doing really well academically, so it’s encouraging to see him getting really excited about a sports event and taking part so enthusiastically. I really want him to be well-rounded and to enjoy all aspects of school.

It was difficult to get decent photos of him running, as all 5-year-old boys look the same from a distance, and they were moving at a pretty fast pace! But here are a few photos I managed to snap:

The Year 0/1 boys waiting to start:

Ethan coming through the finish line:

Waving “hello” at the end of the race:

Sitting down for a rest — ya gotta love those flushed cheeks!

22 thoughts on “Cross Country

  1. Wow cross country in 1st year.Katelyn is year 3 and has her first 1 at the end of this month and training everyday at school and at home.LOL

    I love the last photo of Ethan too.Great going Ethan!!

  2. LOL He looks pleased with himself in that last photo!

    I will be so glad when cross country is over this week – the kids at our school are told to run in bare feet, so they always come home with dirty feet that need scrubing every night.

  3. Hannah – he is just adorable! Is he going to be one of those kids who is just good at everything and makes it all seem so effortless? I’m jealous. And the pink cheeks are too cute. You are gonna have to invest in a big stick to beat the girls off of him!

  4. It’s great he was so positive about it. I don’t recall ever been excited about cross country! LOL!!

    Me neither, Penny!! I remember hiding in the toilets one year so I didn’t have to do it!! LOL😉

  5. Congratulations young man on completing your first ever school cross country. May you be as excited every year with the build-up and running of your cross country race, as you have been today.

    Well done Ethan!!!!

  6. That’s soooo cool Hannah! Well done Ethan!!! I’m so impressed with your reading and it sounds like cross country was super cool! And well done Hannah and Rob for taking the time to get there… he’ll remember that forever!

  7. aww…good job ethan!
    i did cross country when I was a lot younger…it’s fun! and that drawing is just priceless!

  8. I love that last pcture of him! What cool thing for the school to do!

    Or Lucas is a runner…he runs everwhere most times opting to run than ride his bike!

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