It’s good to know that my blog is G-rated. It means my kids will be actually able to read it (when they are old enough to read, that is). Which is all good.

Online Dating

Oh, and here’s the kicker:

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

hurt (x3)


I also looked up a few of my friends’ blogs, and some of the results were pretty funny! I won’t post those findings here, they can take the test and find out for themselves!😉

17 thoughts on “G-Rated?

  1. OMG, mine is PG13! I don’t ever remember writing some of the stuff they say…. but, I must have, so I guess my kids won’t be reading mine in a hurry, LOL

  2. Hehehe, mine is g-rated too. So who did you put in that wasn’t? I had ‘shitty’ it said lol. I would have thought mine was worse but I probably just have a better way of putting ‘shitty’ comments without a sensor catching it lol.

  3. Thanks for sharing that. I’m G-rated too based on the word shoot (1x). I don’t even know where I would have used that word but now i’m going to have to go look!

  4. LOL – mine was G rated too (although it did contain the word “crap”). Clearly I will have to try harder🙂
    Actually I do use bad words in real life on occasion but I tend to be more careful in written speech where I have no idea who might be reading them. I have no desire to be needlessly offensive to anyone (well unless I have had a REALLY bad day🙂 )

  5. Well Scraps of Mind is G rated too because”it does not contain any bad words”.

    But they have offered to put me in touch with someone from Tullamarine!!! Possibly with a view of changing my Rating to something more spicy!

  6. G rated and I had the word crack!! Hmmm…. I have to go find it now to see what the heck context it was in!!!

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