Feeling the love

I’m not usually this soppy, but I just had to share the sweetness that is my boys. They truly are the most amazing little boys in the world, and I love them to bits!

I had my hair cut on Thursday night. On Friday morning, when Ethan saw me for the first time, his jaw dropped and he looked at me, amazed: “You’ve had your hair cut, Mummy! And it just looks so … so wonderful!!!”

Yesterday I was working on the computer and I could hear Ethan and Tyler whispering at the door of the playroom (the computer is in the far corner of the room, and I sit with my back to the door).

E: “Let’s sneak up on Mummy.”
T: “Okay!”
E: “But remember Tyler, Mummy has eyes in the back of her head.”
T: “What?”
E: “Mummy has eyes in the back of her head, so we have to be very, very quiet.”
T: “Okay.”

Of course, I was a good sport. I let them “sneak up on me” and pretended to be surprised when they jumped out on either side of me, shouting “BOO”.
I guess the eyes in the back of my head were having a bit of a rest yesterday.😉

This morning Tyler was snuggling with me in bed. He’d woken up early (6.30) and it was way too cold to get up. Now Tyler can be quite affectionate at times, but it’s usually a quick cuddle and “I love you”. Not to mention the fact that his kisses aren’t quite “right” yet. In other words, he hasn’t fully mastered the puckered-up, closed-mouth kiss.
Until now. This morning in bed, he put his little arms around me and hugged me so hard I could hardly move. Then he whispered, “Mummy, you are beautiful” and kissed me properly on the cheek.

I know. This kind of sweetness is hard to fathom. Try not to hurt yourself as you take it all in.

I’ve been feeling the love in other ways this week as well. Yesterday I got an email from Up2Scrap, asking for one of my layouts for their upcoming August issue.
The layout they want (Ride of a Lifetime) is actually one I submitted months ago, and since I never heard back from them, I went ahead and used it for my Paper Pesto Design Team entry! Anyway, I’m just about to go and package it up and send it off.
I’m pretty stoked about being published again. Nice to know it wasn’t a fluke the first time! LOL.😉

14 thoughts on “Feeling the love

  1. Beautiful moments indeed. I love how “E” knows that you have eyes in the back of your head. Whoo hoo congrats on being published again thats fricken awesome Hannah!!!

  2. Awwwwwwww, what perfection! I love those little moments! Moments that help us to get through the hard stuff😉 I love that your boys tell you how beautiful you are. Does Rob say it often and they hear? I’m just wondering how I can get mine to say it without being prompted lol. And YAY about Up2Scrap! That’s awesome about another layout! I can’t be bothered these days and the whole ‘something not on a gallery or blog’ makes it difficult lol. It’ll be nice to see you in there again🙂

  3. Woo hoo!!!…go Hannah!
    Congrats on having a layout accepted for the mag, that’s fantastic!
    LOL @ your boys…how cute!

  4. Mmmmmm made me go all mushy, arent your little boys just adorable!!! Just too cute and the eyes in the back of your head … LOL!
    And WTG on getting published again!!!

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