Accepting me

I have just completed my second ever “me” layout. And I love it! Admittedly, at first it was difficult working with photos of myself. The journalling was a challenge. I wanted to be honest, I wanted to say something meaningful.

I have had a very busy week with work, and my scrapping desk has been sitting untouched for several days. A lovely pile of pink, girly, feminine scrapping supplies has been beckoning me. Finally, this morning, I had some time to scrap. And this is the finished result:

Yep, this is me. No make-up (I don’t wear it). Hair not done. Just me, standing in my hallway. Self-portraits. Untouched. And I’m fine with that!

Journalling reads:
At the age of 29, I feel like I have finally accepted myself. I’m happy with who I am, and what I look like. Sure, I still want to lose my post-baby tummy (and yes, I definitely though I’d have done it by now!). I don’t like getting zits. I don’t want wrinkles. I wish I wasn’t pear-shaped. But when I compare the way I feel about myself to how I felt a few years ago … well, it couldn’t be more different. I’m just happy being me. I know Rob loves me and is attracted to me just the way I am. I don’t have to impress anybody. I’m a nice person. A good friend. Those things matter. I’m beautiful on the inside, and most days I think I look pretty good on the outside as well!

I really enjoyed using these “girly” products, too. Basic Grey Blush papers, crystal brads, flowers, lace, feathers, leaves, beads, mosaic tiles, pins, cheeky clips and rub-ons. Yum!

16 thoughts on “Accepting me

  1. Love it Hannah and trust me when I say the more layouts you do of you the easier it gets. I love the colours and the girly element of your layout. The journalling is perfect!!

  2. Wow, Hannah! This blows my mind! What an awesome job you have done! LOVE the feathers lol. Have I rubbed off on ya???? And love the lace too. So ya got yourself some cheeky clips😉 Where did you find them??? It’s perfect and I like that it’s soooooo full!

  3. Love it Hannah!Gorgeous!!! I’m so thrilled to see you having fun with yourself and girly stuff!. It really shows and I am really liking the result, love your self portraits too! You go woman, beautiful subject matter too did I mention that yet? 0.o

  4. Great! I love all the little elements you’ve used. Great journaling too. I think you look just fine without make up. ( I don’t wear it either).

  5. Well No. 2 out of the way, there will be no stopping page No. 3 and 4 and so on … Very nice Hannah and you got to play with girly stuff.

  6. You are beautiful and it is so refreshing to hear that you are accepting yourself at the young age of 29. I think it took me much longer to get to that point but once you do, somehow it is like a weight lifting off your shoulders. Welcome to the club!

  7. Awesome layout – and I am with you – the only place I DO wear makeup is church and business stuff. I love the honesty and down to earth attitude in this layout – it is great because that’s how kids remember us moms – just as we are everyday!

    Love it.🙂

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