No longer a preschooler …

My baby turns FIVE tomorrow!

Today I feel quite pensive, reflecting back on the last 5 years. I’ve watched Ethan grow from a little baby into the most amazing, smart and funny boy.

I love Ethan’s personality. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: he’s just like me. The two of us are so similar, in both looks and personality. A fact that is reinforced by my own parents who can remember exactly what I was like as a little girl. Constantly talking, always asking questions, curious, addicted to books, contrary, smart, determined. Hmm, sounds like somebody else I know …

And that somebody is turning 5!

So tomorrow we start to celebrate.

1) Tomorrow morning – presents before church. His present from us is a trampoline. Both the kids are going to jump out of their skins when they see it.

2) Tomorrow afternoon – Par-tay at Chipmunks. Three birthday boys, 3 cakes, 25 kids. Yeah!

3) Monday – Kindy party. Ethan and I bought gifts for all the kindy kids this morning, and I reckon ours are the best ones yet!

4) Thursday – Preschool party. Birthday cakes are not allowed at Kindy (meanies!), but are *welcomed* at Preschool.

It’s gonna be a fun week!

I’ve made a photo collage using pictures of Ethan from the past 5 years. I wanted to do a slide show, but the photos from his first 2 years of life are crap not that great. We didn’t own a digital camera until 2004. Hopefully the collage disguises some of those quality issues.

5 Years of Ethan

18 thoughts on “No longer a preschooler …

  1. OMG – that photo collage is absolutely awesome

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday young man for tomorrow
    Happy birthday to you

    Enjoy your big day out with your friends.

  2. Happy birthday Ethan. Love that photo collage … what a lot of photos!! Yay for digital🙂
    I bet that *just like me* will give you some ups and downs😉

  3. Cool collage… it is amazing how much photography (and skill) can change once you get into scrapbooking😉

    Have a fun birthday!

  4. Cool collage! Well, it’s all over, how did it go? What day does he actually start, is he going back to preschool for his party, or will Thursday be his last day???

  5. What a fabulous collage Hannah. He’ll just love having this is future years. And what a fantastic week it’s going to be for him with multiple parties. I won’t forget turning five in a hurry (and probably neither will you)

  6. Just love that collage Hannah!! Wow what a lot of parties cakes and kiddies! So much fun for your Birthday boy! Hope you had a terrific time and have much fun tomorrow and in the week to come!

  7. Where does the time go? Five years??!? I remember you being pregnant like it was only yesterday….
    Hope the party went well, and all the best for Ethan’s first few days at school. I am sure he will love it.

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