Okay, I’ll say it. My kids drive me a bit nuts when it comes to clothes!!

Truth be told, Ethan (almost 5) is not too bad. He dresses himself every morning and he is generally happy to wear any of the clothes in his dresser.
He has moments (like this morning) where he has a meltdown because something he really wants to wear is dirty. Or, in the case of his favourite Spiderman shorts, holey. [I’m going to ask Mum to fix the shorts tomorrow, since I don’t have a sewing machine and wouldn’t be able to use it if I did!]

On the other hand, Tyler (2 1/2) is a nightmare to clothe. He is an extremely, er, um … strong-willed child. That’s putting it lightly. He also has an extremely poor sense of fashion.

Tyler fights with us constantly about clothes. He goes through phases of liking a particular item, and then hating it. He wants to wear sweatshirts and gumboots in summer. He wants to wear tank tops and bare feet in winter. He likes to “layer” his outfits. But the problem is, he usually wants the baggier stuff on first, with the one-size-too-small stuff on top. Nice.

I usually don’t have the energy to fight with him about this sort of thing. It often gets him wound up and emotional, and that’s not a fun way to start the day. I can tell immediately what kind of mood he is in and whether or not I can persuade him to wear something else. So I usually let him wear whatever he wants … within reason.
He’s worn a Spiderman suit (complete with mask) to the shops.
He’s worn gumboots to the beach. In summer.
He often wears clashing colours, patterns together with stripes, and clothes that are way too small. [I try to hide them, but he manages to find them again!]

Today, while Ethan was at Kindy, he decided to play with the stuff in the dress-up box. He chose a tool belt, a spiderman mask worn as a hat, a pirate “scarf”, a Bob the Builder painting smock, a zebra face mask and a Shrek costume.
He needed help putting some of it on. As I assisted him, I looked at him and thought “you look ridiculous!” and then I realised … this is HIM. This is part of his personality. He’s outgoing, friendly, willing to try new things, messy, cheeky, defiant, funny and creative.
I’m not going to try and change him. I’ll just hope & pray that he finds some dress sense along the way!😉

15 thoughts on “Clothes

  1. Hannah I was laughing all the way through this post. As you said he is being an individual. The funny thing is you can remind him of his dress sense when he is a teenager and is trying to impress a young girl. I love how kids develop thier own style at this age.

  2. You have to get some photos. Lauryn is the same. I dread every day wondering if she will happily put on what I pick or will it be a fight about wanting to wear a dress or a top but no pants. Lately it’s been panties and no diaper lol. I get soooooo stressed out by her! A few girls have told Kamryn that princesses don’t wear pants. So I had a few issues with her over that! But like you say, this is him. This is how he is and it’s great. For the most part I dont’ care what my kids look like as long as they are dressed lol. He’s a great little boy, Hannah😉

  3. Love it – sincerely hope that you got the camera out and took pics – interesting colour choice in a layout me thinks … too cute!

  4. He is just so cute – do you know that most days when they get here – they both decide they want to change their clothes??? Usually manage to get them back into “your” clothes before Rob comes!!! secrets – hehe! They sometimes complain because I don’t have enough to choose from. Yes he is his own little man – and wouldn’t change him for anything! Make sure you photo and scrap it – OK??
    love mum

  5. He’s so cute and cuties can get away with anything….lol

    I’m sure his fashion sense will change with age…..especially when he wants to impress the ladies.

    (My baby (Mr almost 16) was exactly the same, but dresses much differently now he has discovered girls…eeeek!)

  6. Just thought that I would pop over for a look to see if you had shared any birthday surprises with us … nope! So hope that whatever you have done today, you have enjoyed yourself and that you have been treated like a princess – happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy birthday to Hannah
    Happy birthday to you!!!

    You will be so pleased that is typed and not heard!!!!😆

    Well there’s only a few hours left, but I hope you had a great day.

    Yes, you will have to get some of those “choices” documented…. it’s funny when the little guys start deciding what they are going to wear for themselves.

  8. Happy Birthday Hannah!!
    Love this post – its so cool that the boys are individuals and express themselves in a manner guaranteed to drive mum batty! LOL!! I was so glad Jess is my girly girl – Ash refused to wear dresses, she cut her hair short, etc, etc. My niece was Cyndi Lauper reborn (such bad taste on a good day we used to choke each morning when she came out – and that was at 5 – LOL Now she is so conscious of what she wears it drives my sister crazy!! Enjoy this stage – its fun!

  9. How cute Tyler is! He sounds like a pretty typical male in the making. 🙂

    I also see by previous comments it’s your birthday! so…HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it was wonderful and you got treated like a queen.



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