I’ve been tagged …

… three times, actually! And I’m ashamed to say it was quite some time ago! Oops! Anyway, I’m doing it now. And please forgive me if I tag you and you’ve already been tagged!😉

1. Find the nearest book:
[I can’t be bothered taking a photo, sorry.]

2. Name the book & the author:
The Broker – John Grisham

3.Turn to page 123.
Yep …

4. Go to the 5th sentence on the page & copy out the next three sentences onto your blog.
The Universita degli Studi was found in dozens of handsome old buildings, some five hundred years old, most of them packed end to end along Via Zamboni, though over the centuries the school had grown and now covered an entire section of Bologna.
The Italian lesson was forgotten for a block or two as they were swept along in a wave of students hustling to and from their classes. Marco caught himself looking for an old man with bright gray hair – his favorite Communist, his first real acquaintance since walking out of prison.

5. Tag 3 more people.
I am tagging Angella, Danica and Christi.

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