Holiday mode

We’re in holiday mode. And it’s great!

We spent a few days up in Whangarei after Christmas, spending time with Rob’s family. Since we got home, we’ve just been enjoying the lazy days of summer. Going to the beach, taking the dinghy out, playing at the park … oh and painting the house! I’ve been catching up on Season 2 of LOST (I was a bit of a late convert) … I’ve watched 24 episodes in just 5 days! So now I’m ready to watch Season 3 on telly with my hubby, instead of having to leave the room every Wednesday night😉

My parents looked after the boys yesterday. They took them to the zoo, and the boys stayed over. Rob and I got quite a bit of painting done, and we also managed to find time for a picnic lunch. Rob had been up to the supermarket and bought wine, strawberries, fresh bread and cheese. Then he threw me a helmet and we got on the Vespa and rode out to Tindalls Bay for a picnic on the beach. Really nice! It was my first ride on the Vespa and it was cool. I’ve been on a motorbike before but the Vespa doesn’t go quite as fast!

In the evening went to the Mexican restaurant for dinner, then walked along Orewa beach. And this morning we slept until 8.30! Bliss! Poor Mum & Dad: they were woken up at 5.30am!

As for my exercise routine, I’m back into the swing of things now. The gym is open again and I’m back to going 5 days/week. It was pretty hard over Christmas and New Year with them being shut so much. I found it much harder to keep up with my healthy eating when I wasn’t able to work out. Now I’m back on track and hoping for a good result tomorrow when I have my first weigh in!

I hope you are all enjoying the start of 2007. The weather has been great the past few days, so I’m hoping for more days like that before I go back to work on the 15th. And then some more nice weather at the end of January because we have our proper Summer Holiday at Hahei. I’m looking forward to that!

9 thoughts on “Holiday mode

  1. Wow you have been busy! Good on you for getting back into the gym nice and early after Christmas/New Year. It is so much harder to eat healthy when the exercise routine isn’t going, they seem to go hand in hand don’t they.

  2. Wow busy girl!!! Awesome job getting a jump on the exercise first thing this year! congratulations!!

    Sounds like you and Rob have had some enjoyable time together…it’s nice once and a while isn’t it?😀

  3. Sounds wonderful Hannah! Just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy before the rainy weather comes back. Wish I could do something like your picnic with Rob. But alas, no one to drop the kiddies with and I cannot eat all the good food from the deli at the moment. Darn pregnancy! LOL

  4. loved reading about you just getting on the vespa and going for a picnic, romantic and carefree…..

  5. That picnic sounds like it was bliss Hannah – maybe I should try talking hubby into getting a Vespa, it would be fun to be whisked away…..

  6. It’s great to hear that you are having a good time and enjoying the holidays and go you on the exercise front (i’m starting again when my 3 are back at school…lol)

  7. Love the romance of the vespa, mexican meal, beach walk -lucky you!!
    I’m glad your back on track exercise wise! Its so hard to keep motivated sometimes, I’m still trying to get there – LOL.
    Welcome to the wonderful world of LOST – I love the show – its not for everyone – but I think I like it so much because its not predictable.

  8. well done on getting back into the gym! Would love someone to look after my kids so I could🙂 Have to make do with my walks! Gotta love ‘couple’ time!

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