On Saturday afternoon, the amazingly talented Christi came over and spent some time taking family photos. She has already showcased some of them on her new photo blog but these are my favourites and I wanted to share them!

You might be wondering about the one with Ethan showing the plaster on his knee. Like why did I choose it as one of my favourites? For some reason, I really love it!! It is just so “boyish” and typical of him. The plaster is tattered, he has bruises on his legs and he’s not smiling. It makes me think “tough guy” and “boys will be boys”. I’m going to be scrapping that one, for sure!! And probably in 8×10 or something😉

I am soooo happy with how they turned out!! Originally I just asked Christi’s advice about taking some Christmas photos of the boys with their santa hats on. This turned into her offering to take the photos, and then us getting all dressed up and made up for some decent family photos!

I have to say that Christi is pretty talented when it comes to this sort of thing. I mean my boys know her pretty well so they weren’t really shy or anything, but she still had a really great way of getting them to smile, look at the camera and generally co-operate. They had such fun! She was quick, too! It was all over in about 15-20 min which was great, because kids don’t last much longer than that, lol😉

I’m going to get some of these enlarged & framed for Christmas presents, and some more for myself because I just love them!! Of course I’ll be scrapping a ton of them, and my sister suggested using the family ones for Christmas cards … so if I find time I will do that!

Thanks Christi, you’re the best!!

16 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Lovely photos Hannah! We do that every year too. We did ours last weekend I just have been too lazy to put ours up yet. Christi did a splendid job.

  2. Awwwwwww, thanks, Hannah! What an ultra sweet post which made me a wee flushed lol. I do love the photos and I just love that last one! I’m glad you are pleased with them and I’m glad you are looking forward to getting some printed and scrapbooked. I’ll happily do it again too. I have fun doing this and it was fun with you guys. *hugs*

  3. I’m glad you chose from the few photos with my eyes open, I blame it on the sun. And thanks from me too Christi, you did so well.

  4. great shots there…..nice to see family ones and the boys looks so cute….well done Christi!!

  5. Love the photos – Christi sure did an awesome job! Of course it helps when you have cute kids😉

    Shauna (murgatr)

    dd 11/22/98
    dd 6/27/02

  6. Lovely photo’s Hannah, and so nice to have the whole family in them, I have been trying to find one of all of us and had to go back to July 05! lol time for some new ones I think!

  7. Those pictures are gorgeous Hannah. Christi did an awesome job. Your family is so beautiful.
    Both the boys look great. Ethan looks like your rough and tumble child, and there is one picture of Tyler that looks an angelic. Simply gorgeous.

    PS I was think about you and your family the other day when putting up my tree. My kids are so fascinated with the rugby ornament you sent several years ago, and Alexis adores the angel. It’s amazing. Those are things that will be treasured forever.

  8. Great pics Hannah (and nice job Christi)…It’s great to finally see what your hubby looks like too!

  9. Hannah, what great photo’s of you and your family. Christi has done a fab job of them. Both your boys are just so cute and I can see some great christmas scrap layouts in those photo’s. Just beautiful!

  10. There are some great shots there Hannah, well done Christi behind the camera and naturally following on from that, some wonderful layouts … very photogenic the whole lot of you.

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