An update

So I got an email this morning from Little Treasures magazine, and unfortunately Tyler didn’t get chosen for this particular photo shoot😦 Of course I am a little disappointed, but she is keeping his photo on file and hopefully he’ll get chosen another time.

In other news …

I took Ethan to a Kindy concert & disco on Friday night. We had a great time! He was happy to dance with me. They had cool music, dry ice, a bubble machine and coloured lights. Most of the kids were completely fascinated with the dry ice. They kept throwing themselves onto the floor, pretending to gag and choke like they were being gassed or something. Well, the boys did. The girls just stood around trying not to get it in their eyes, lol.

Ethan now knows about his bike being stolen. And as I predicted, he was really upset. He kept saying “why are there bad people in this world, Mumma?” … man, how are you supposed to answer that?! I just tried to be honest with him but he was still shocked that any “bad” people would live in our neighbourhood [You know what? We were surprised about that, too]. We told him that we were going to get him a new bike, but he said he wanted his old one😦 He also said he hoped that the Police would catch the bad people and shoot them!!

Mum told me a little story about something that happened at her place on Saturday. She was about to go out to her work dinner, and she was taking Ethan with her. Tyler was staying at home with Grandad. Mum overhead this conversation just before they left:

Ethan: “Now Tyler, come here. I want to have a little talk with you. I’m going out with Nana soon, but you are going to be staying here with Grandad. Now I need you to be a good boy for Grandad, and don’t be naughty. There’s to be no screaming or crying, okay? And you have to do what Grandad tells you, okay? Alright, Tyler?”
Tyler: “Alright.”
Then Mum came in and Ethan told her about his “talk” with Tyler. She asked Tyler about it.
Tyler: “I be a good boy for Grandad”. And apparently he was.

4 thoughts on “An update

  1. Hannah, that sucks about Ethans bike, I’m dreading having to explain anything like that to my kids too. On a happier note, the U2 concert sounded amazing you lucky thing! Some friends of ours went but they couldn’t see anything or hardly move for all the people!

  2. awwwwww thats cute about Ethan and Tyler. That has to be scrapped Hannha. Sorry to hear that Tyler wasn’t picked for the photo shoot.
    I am sorry to hear that Ethans bike has not been returned and that he is sad about this. pretty sucky allright.

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