Foot Fiasco Part II

I think I may have to cut off my left foot.

You’ll remember a couple of months ago I fell down the stairs while I was carrying Tyler and sprained my foot.

Well, yesterday I put the same foot through one of the glass panes in our back door, and spent almost 2 hours at A&E getting 8 stitches put it.

I’d never had stitches before, and didn’t know what it was going to feel like. Getting the local anaesthetic hurt like nothing else, and then I had to get a tetanus shot as well. They said I was “very lucky” not to have severed a tendon. I can see now how close it was to my Achille’s but I didn’t realise at the time how bad it was.

Last night it felt fine, the anaesthetic lasted for hours and I didn’t feel any pain at all until 1am this morning. I took pain relief at 8am and now it feels pretty comfortable, but I’m supposed to keep it elevated and I didn’t really do that last night (I still got dinner, tidied up around the house, put Ethan to bed and hung some washing on the drying rack).

Today I’m home from work and I’m going back to the doctor in about an hour to get the dressing changed. Apparently I am supposed to keep off my foot “for at least a week” and I’m meant to have 5 days off work!!! Um, I don’t think so! … I’ll probably be back at work tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Foot Fiasco Part II

  1. Geesh, girl! Yes, amputation seems like the only logical cure for your foot aliment lol. How in the heck did you manage to put it through the glass? Talented?

  2. HO Man!! Hannah that had to hurt. Take care of yourself for a few days. Can you prop your foot up at work somehow?

    Have fun in Canada, I’m sure you and Jenn will have a good time.

  3. Hannah, stop kicking in the doors will ya??😉
    I hope it heals quickly. That freezing hurts more than anything doesn’t it – I had stitches when I was 4 in my finger and the nurse was all telling me not to be a baby but I STILL remember the freezing part (and not the stitches).
    You’ll have to show me your battle wound!
    Stay off it for real though – let your hubby help out a little extra, you deserve to take a break while recovering.

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