Tyler’s first haircut!

A few months ago I ran a little poll on my blog asking whether or not we should cut Tyler’s hair.

Most of you voted to keep his long, red curls and not to cut.

But that was a few months ago, and Tyler’s hair really was getting unruly. So today, at the ripe old age of 18 months, he had his hair cut. Just trimmed, mind you. Neither Rob nor I wanted to cut off Tyler’s curls. And the girl who cut his hair couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful it was!

He was very well behaved, considering it was his first time. I think he looks a lot older now, do you agree?

Here are few pictures – before, during and after:

7 thoughts on “Tyler’s first haircut!

  1. He is SOOOO cute! And yes, he looks so grown up! Graham has curls like that, but Nathan has none…yet (Matthew & I are both curly)
    Again – he is SO CUTE!

  2. Awww…he’s so cute! I love baby curls! (Unfortunately, none in sight in our house!)

    He does look so much more grown up! I hate it when that happens!:)

  3. Oh my goodness, he looks SO much better with his haircut!!
    Good choice with the whole trim vs shave, we still need to see his curls!
    Phil recons that you should have shaved it all off – however, he’s not really worried about what it looks like, and that Tyler really wouldn’t suit the short cuts that Ethan gets.
    Anyway, good stuff!


  4. Oh my gosh he is SOOO Handsome!
    He looks SO SO SO much like my friend’s son it’s freakish! lol

    Can I email you the pic of my friend’s son?

  5. Well, i did vote to leave the curls well alone, but i must say, He looks extremely handsome with His new trim! You can still see those beautiful curls, so its all good. He definitly looks older! Not so baby looking now, which i spose we have to let go of!😦

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