Tyler’s operation

Tyler had his operation this morning.

It went well, and he is fine. He was extremely grumpy right before I took him down to theatre (probably because he hadn’t eaten anything for more than 15 hours, and he had been woken up while it was still dark so we could get to the hospital on time (7am).
He was also very grumpy when he came out of the anaesthesia, but once he had eaten 3 biscuits, some yoghurt and knocked back two cups of water, he was almost back to his normal (albeit sleepy) self!

Even though I knew what to expect, I still broke down in tears when they put him to sleep. Like last time, I had to hold him on my knee while they held the gas mask over his face. This time he struggled against it in a bad way. But he didn’t need as much gas today because the procedure only took 5 minutes.

We got home around 10am. He slept all the way home in the car, but woke up when we got here. So he just sat on the couch with me and watched Blue’s Clue’s for about half an hour, then had some more food and went back to bed. He slept for about 2.5 hours and just woke up. He seems to be “back to normal” and is having more food! He has been pulling his ear a little bit but doesn’t seem to be in pain. The surgeon said he won’t need any drops or antibiotics, and we are to go back and see him in 3 weeks.

I’m glad it is all over now, and hopefully we won’t have to deal with any more nasty ear infections. And I expect we’ll see a huge improvement in his speech now that he can hear better.
Thanks to all those who have been praying for him, or just thinking of us.

4 thoughts on “Tyler’s operation

  1. Glad things went well for all of you. Sounds like he is recovering quickly.

    Take Care,

    Shauna (murgatr)

    dd 11/22/98
    dd 6/27/02

  2. poor wee mite! It’s horrible feeling so helpless as parents, unable to do anything to make it better. Does Tyler have recurring ear infections? I know what it’s like in a way: Daniel has had two bouts of tonsillitis, and he’ll be prone to getting them for the rest of his life… unless he gets his tonsils out (but not at his tender age of 18 months) Take care!

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