Hi5 was a blast!

Quite literally, because it was the Space Magic Tour!

**I stole this pic from Christi’s blog … she said Hugh took photos but I didn’t because I didn’t think any would come out (no flash photography allowed). I hope you don’t mind, Christi🙂 I just thought Ethan’s Nana and aunties who read my blog might like to see!**

We went on Friday, just Ethan and me. It was such a special day for us to spend together. I decided to get the ferry to Auckland so we wouldn’t have to pay for parking, and I thought the boat ride would just add to the adventure. Ethan loved it. He was really excited on the boat, watching the “big city” getting closer and closer.

Once we hopped off the boat, we had to walk up Queen St to get to the Civic Theatre. Now it used to take me less than 10 minutes to walk up Queen St when I was a University student. But when you are doing the same walk with a 3.5-year-old, it takes a LOT longer!! Like 20 minutes longer. He did get pretty tired, but I pointed out lots of things along the way to distract him. And once he saw the Golden Arches he picked up the pace!

We had “Old McDonald’s” (as Ethan calls it) for lunch and then it was time for the concert. I caved and spent $10 on a Hi5 sticker book with hardly any stickers and 4 large posters which are now gracing the walls of the playroom.

The show itself was great. It was really entertaining and they kept the kids’ attention so well. Lots of the kids were up dancing. My child was not. He just sat in his seat, concentrating intently on everything. He sang along to a few lines of a couple of songs, but I was singing and cheering more than him!

Going off on a little tangent here … I was horrified to see how skinny Charli was. She looked almost skeletal! And Nathan is going bald in a bad way. He needs to cut his hair, because having long hair when you are going bald is NOT a good look. Tim is my favourite, so I spent a fair amount of time watching him, LOL. He’s totally my kind of guy. Nathan is supposedly the one all the mums drool over, but he is just too cheesy (and bald) for my liking. Ahhh, Tim …..

Anyway …. we had a fantastic time, and Ethan seemed to really enjoy himself. He was pretty well behaved all day (apart from when he ran away from me at the ferry terminal, and another time when he was sick of walking and lay down on the pavement in protest). But considering all the hype and excitement (and the amount of sugar consumed), he did well, and I was proud of him.

8 thoughts on “Hi5 was a blast!

  1. What a great idea to take the ferry over! I should have thought of it! Hugh met us at the Warehouse after he got off work to pick up Kamryn so there wasn’t much they could do before. He mentioned that parking was nearly the same price as a ticket though. Hugh also mentioned that Charly was very thin and looked as if she would break at any minute. Looking at the photos Hugh took, I could see it. Also I like Nathan. Tim is a bit ‘clean’ for my liking. But Hugh too mentioned that he was going bald lol! Funny how you both noticed the same things! We also have the same sticker book. Will you be going next year?

  2. Ahh Ethan lying down on the pavement cos he was tired. reminds me of the time he wanted to be a duck…you should post that story cos its funny!! (ok not that I was actually there, but hey)
    Tim is the best!

  3. I knew he would love it!! Don’t worry he WILL tell us all about it one day! Remember our discussion about him having to process everything?? all in his own time!!
    Yep, walking with Ethan IS time consuming.
    When will we get the story about his little brother and a certain ummm – T-shirt??
    love mum

  4. I am taking my niece Kate on Saturday as her Christmas present, so I am glad to hear that I will be entertained! And I have so many things to look out for now! Kate is a little performer (she won the Idol competition at her kindy – yes I am the proud aunty!!) so I am sure she will be up in the aisles boogying!


  5. Ethan is so funny!! I’m dying to hear about when he wanted to be a duck!? He has got the craziest imagination – its so cool. I wonder what hes going to do when he grows up…?


  6. O.J. you are soooo mean!! Tim is lovely!! Did you know he is a Christian? Huh? Huh?
    P.S. I will tell you the duck story one day. It happened over a year ago, so that’s why it is not on here!

  7. Well actually, no, i didnt know He’s a christian and i take that back…. but he just looks the part! Maybe its just the joy of the Lord coming through!

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