Phew! I’ve finally found some time to post and upload some photos from The Big Day.

The boys had a wonderful Christmas! Ethan was just SO excited about everything this year, it really made it special for us. Tyler of course is too little to understand, but he still enjoyed himself and both of them got totally spoiled.

Ethan woke up on Christmas Eve (around 10pm) with nasty croup, but after a 10-min spell in the bathroom with the shower on hot, and some Pamol, he quickly went back to sleep again.

In the morning, Tyler woke at 6.30am (as usual) and Ethan slept until almost 8am. My parents and sister had stayed the night, so Ethan was really excited to see them when he got up. He was also really excited to see that Santa had eaten the shortbread and finished the glass of milk, and that the reindeer had munched on the carrots. Amazingly, Ethan was able to wait patiently for another 45 min before opening his presents! It was a crazy time when he woke up, I was trying to glaze the ham (and cut my finger quite badly in the process) and make french toast for breakfast at the same time, Rob was feeding Tyler his breakfast (because he wasn’t about to wait) and everybody else was fighting for the bathroom!

Finally, we started the present opening. Just the kids, because the adults all did the pull-a-name-from-a-hat-and-buy-one-present thing, and we opened ours later. First they opened presents from Santa in their stocking. Along with other goodies, Ethan got the 2 things he had asked for – a Toy Story torch and Madagascar on DVD. The look on his face was just priceless when he saw his request had been granted! Of course there were many other presents, far too many to mention them all. But a few notable gifts were the Spiderman Pop-Up Tent from Nana & Grandad, the Spiderman Calendar from Auntie Leah and the Spiderman Underpants from Mummy & Daddy! Yep, Spiderman is still flavour of the month!

Of course Tyler got spoiled too, but he really was more interested in the paper and boxes, or trying to get his paws on Ethan’s new things🙂 One of Tyler’s best presents was a huge box of play food to go with his toy kitchen (his absolute favourite toy) – thanks Mum & Dad!

The rest of the day was lovely. We had breakfast (yes, I did manage to avoid burning the french toast, but only just), then went to church. There was a cute little “incident” during the service when Ethan got up and started to walk away from our seat. I asked him what he was doing and he said “I’m going to show Carole my new Spiderman underpants” at which point I almost died! Carole is the worship leader and had Ethan succeeded in carrying out his mission, the entire congregation would have been privvy to it!!

After church we came home and Tyler had a good nap while I ran around like a headless chook getting the lunch ready, with lots of help from mum. Finally we ate around 1pm, with dessert sometime after 3pm! Some friends popped round for a visit in the afternoon with their 2 little girls, Emily (almost 3) and Charlotte (4 months). Ethan watched 2 of his new DVDs before finally crashing at 8pm. I asked him if he had a nice Christmas Day and he said “Yes, Mummy. I’m a lucky boy.”

Here are some photos from our day. I hope you enjoy!

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