Hi-5 Space Magic Tour!

Even though we can’t really afford it, I decided to take Ethan to the Hi-5 Space Magic Tour in January next year! He’s going to be so excited when I tell him (which I won’t be able to do for a couple of months yet) …. actually I’m already really excited about it!
Tickets were $25 each (same price for adults and children) so I made an executive decision not to take Tyler, as he is too little to really appreciate it. Apparently those prices are pretty standard for kiddie concerts but I’ve never been to one so I was a bit shocked! I guess it is reasonable, after all they are coming over from Australia and they are quite famous:)

6 thoughts on “Hi-5 Space Magic Tour!

  1. He will love that Han – it will be a special outing for you both.
    Just want to let all Han’s website friends that you can also visit my site to get fun stories and updates about those gorgeous blairs boys. It’s janetsnewsnz.blogspot.com
    bye 4 now

  2. Kamryn is going too!!! Hugh is taking her since I am going to the NZ Idol concert in December and tickets for that were $47 (ouch!, but worth it to see Steve again lol). So I volunteered Hugh to take Kamryn to Hi-5! He was on the phone first thing on Monday. When are you going? He is going to the Friday one at 2, I think it is. He’s in row J. Should be fun and I think Kamryn will love it! It’s her first time going too!

  3. Christi, we are going on Friday at 2pm as well! My friends at work are going on Thursday because they didn’t want to go on Friday the 13th – how silly. I got much better seats than them (they are up on the mezzanine level) but not as good as you by the sound of it! We are in row S. But I’m still happy with that.

  4. How cool that you guys are going to the same one!?!?! Yeah, that kinda silly about the Friday the 13th paranoia. Did you call on Monday? Looking at the Civic layout online, I’m not sure if Hugh will be in the first J part or the middle one? For NZ Idol we have tickets in row BB which is second from the front! WOOHOO!!!

  5. Christi, I think Hugh will be in the first section. I didn’t call until Wed morning, and mine are definitely in the first section coz it says SST-1. And we are in row L, not row S!! I don’t know why I said S!! So we’ll be quite close to Hugh & Kamryn … if I only I knew what they looked like, I would say hello, LOL:)

  6. How crappy that I missed your last post to this entry. I have Kamryn’s ticket stub here and wanted to double check where you guys sat at. You must have just been two rows behind then. Hugh said they were in the middle of the row. How did Ethan like it? I told Hugh that the two of you should have went together, save on fuel!

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