Tyler got 2 more teeth this week, bringing the grand total to 10.
He got 2 of his one-year molars. Although I think one of them probably came through about 2 weeks ago, because it looks like it has been there for a while. The other one has just broken the skin. He was pretty grumpy yesterday and didn’t eat much (which is NOT like him at all), so I think the bottom molars are on their way too.

Finally, something to explain all that drooling he’s been doing over the past few weeks!

Another milestone. Sigh. He is growing up so fast.

3 thoughts on “Teeth!

  1. Greetings~
    I think it is very sweet, indeed, that you post the development of your children. As a father, your words were appreciated- i can relate for sure! Our children’s growth, development, and spirit can fill volumes.
    Take care!

  2. Everytime I see his picture, I think “what gorgeous red hair that boy has!” You’d think being married to a red head I’d get at least one – Not a single red hair in the whole lot!
    So there – I’m jealous of his gorgeous hair.
    We’re doing the drool factory thing here too. I think Joey has his first cold though, as he’s a major drippy snot machine with no appetite…..and I don’t see any more teeth on the horizon yet… He has 12.

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