First steps (and a goose egg)

Tyler took his first solo steps yesterday!
He has been walking around furniture for months, and for the past few weeks has been very good at walking while holding somebody’s hand (or trouser leg, or anything else worth grabbing). But he just didn’t have the confidence to “step out” alone until yesterday afternoon.
He walked about 7 or 8 steps the first time, and had the biggest grin from ear to ear. He was so proud of himself! Rob said it actually brought a tear to his eye … the big softie!

As for the goose egg, that can be located on Ethan’s forehead.
His best friend Lochie hit him with a hammer at preschool yesterday. When the teachers told me I was incredulous: “You let children play with hammers?” But it turns out it was only a wooden hammer. Even so, the bump on Ethan’s head is like a purple mini volcano. It must have been one hard whack!! He happily let the teacher hold an ice pack on his head for 10 minutes, and was more than happy to have the magic arnica cream applied. We gave him Pamol before bed, in case he got a headache.

Image hosted by

Hmm, you know you are slightly insane when you take pictures of your children’s injuries. I must admit, he did look at me rather strangely when I asked him to “sit still for the photo, but please don’t look at the camera.”

Hey, the bump is on the side of his head, so I needed a good profile shot!!

5 thoughts on “First steps (and a goose egg)

  1. Hey congratulations Mr. Tyler!!! First steps – makes you get a little misty when they wobble around like a drunk sailor and completely full of glee at their own accomplishment!!
    Tremendous to witness!
    Ouch on poor Ethans head. Must have been the day for goose eggs, as Duncan got one by crashing headlong into Grandma and grandpa’s coffee table (thank goodness it had rounded corners).
    Amazing how quickly they heal, though – they certainly look worse don’t they!

  2. Way to go, Tyler! I’m still holding out for Daniel (now 14 months old) to take his first solo steps. Hmmm… wonder when that’ll happen?

  3. YAY on walking!!!!! Are ya worried now??? I like Lauryn being mobile but kinda wish she wasn’t “so” mobile lol. I know I can’t have it both ways!

  4. Yay Tyler!!!!!! WTG!!!!!!!!!! Tell your Mommy to get some pics of that!:)
    Ethan,I hope your booboo gets better soon! At least you can wear some cool bandaide to cover it up.:)

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