Well, …..

This is Ethan’s new thing.
We tell/ask him something, and he responds by saying “well, ……”
Usually he gives a reason why he shouldn’t do what we’ve asked him. Ugh.

For example, I might say “Ethan, please pick up your toys” and he will say “Well, I don’t want to” or “Well, I’m actually still playing with them” or “Well, in 3 minutes I will do it”.

It was cute for about the first 2 hours, and now it is just annoying!

I’m pretty sure he picked it up from a boy at preschool (who I don’t like, because he is teaching my child lots of bad habits) so I pity those poor teachers who have to listen to it all day from more than one child!

2 thoughts on “Well, …..

  1. LMBO!
    Duncan started doing this in the summer (he’s 4!).
    He was too lazy to come inside to use the bathroom, an when I confronted him, he just said “Well, it was an accident”. My mom nearly fell off the couch laughing….

    I t does sound funny, I’ll admit, but yes it gets pretty irritating after awhile. I hope Ethan stops and doesn’t pick up any more habits from school mates….

  2. I hope you get the toys picked up soon. Both Diane and Levi do the same thing. My favorite is “No Mommy you do it” Or “I don’t know how”

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