Road trip adventures (and photos)

Yes, Rob and Ethan went on their Road Trip.
Yes, they had a fantastic time.
And yes, I worried about them. Just a little.

They didn’t have the nicest weather, but at least it wasn’t raining (as it was for the rest of the weekend once they got home). Despite the cloud and cooler temperature, they managed to go for 3 swims. Ethan was so excited when he got home, I could tell he had such a great time. He loved sleeping in the “boot” of the station wagon with Rob, and cooking sausages for breakfast and lunch on the gas cooker.

I had requested that Rob take “lots of photos” so I could relive their adventures. He took 10. And 5 of them were of the same thing. So I haven’t got a whole lot to work with, but here are some pics:

(the lake doesn’t even look that nice in the photos, but believe me, it is just beautiful on a lovely sunny day)

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